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Weight Loss: Is This Goal Holding You Back?

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Create a weight loss goal focusing on what you want using positive words Unfortunately many people focus their goals on the weight they want to lose. Their written goal could look like this: "My goal is to lose 24 Pounds by December 25, 2009."

This may be compromising the end result of weight loss we have in mind as we are focusing on what we do not want, that being weight and losing.

Those who have played golf will know that if we focus on the ball not going into the water the chance of the ball going where we do not want will increase. Alternatively we could focus on where we want the ball to land rather than where we do not want it to go. The same principle applies to our goal of achieving our ideal weight. Write it down, review regularly and visualize the results. A positive goal statement could be: "By December 25, 2009 I will be a fit and healthy 130 pounds."

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Write it down and commit this to your memory.

Be precise and visualize the end result. You can get creative with this step by doing things such as finding a photo of someone of a similar body type looking how you wish to look and even wearing the dress or swimsuit you would like to wear. Paste a photo of you face on the body. Keep this image with your written goal. Break the goal down to smaller portions and reward yourself after these are achieved. It is important to break larger goals down into smaller chunks or sub-goals. For example: Break down a goal with an annual time frame into monthly goals and reward yourself only when each goal is achieved. This will give you a sense of accomplishment along the way to achieving your ideal you. Using the example in this article the major goal would remain and sub-goals would be what you would need to achieve each month in order to reach your major goal. Choose a sensible program that will create lifelong healthy lifestyle habits The next step to take is to plan a course of action in order to achieve our goal. While the concept of achieving our ideal body is simple the application is often not. Therefore it is important to:

Choose a good diet and exercise program with sensible and easy to follow guidelines. It is vital that any program chosen should be focused on a long term achievement in order to create healthy habits that will last a life time. It is generally accepted that it takes six to twelve months to create a new habit, so one must be patient and persevere.

Be aware of programs that promise super quick results using obscure dieting methods or drugs that will leave you feeling lifeless and therefore tempted to revert back to old habits. The objective should be to maintain a leaner, healthier and fitter you for life.

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