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Be Aware Of Holiday Eating Binge

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The average American consumes about 60,000 calories during the entire festivities of the year (Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, New Years', etc). That's a total of thirty days, as the festivities always start early. All those extra calories translate into a total gain of over 17 pounds of fat (1lb of fat = 3500 calories). It takes from 8 to 16 weeks to lose the weight. So why not be a little more aware? Try to limit the damage to your body and in turn to your mind.

When the next holiday approaches, make yourself a promise to indulge in a mindful fashion. Respect your hard work: don't destroy what you've achieved the rest of the year. Think of all the workouts and days on diet you've spent. If you have to go full-blown into the celebrations, do it the day of the celebration, not an entire week before and certainly not for thirty days

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Eat mindfully by chewing each bite 20 to 30 times. Drink a glass of water prior to each meal, eat the protein portion first, pause for a few minutes, eat the carbs (leave the sweets for the end of the meal), pause, then if you still have room get to the dessert. I doubt you'll have any room left.

A meal should last 30 to 45 minutes. In France, where I come from, we take about an hour to eat a full course meal. Do you see a lot of overweight people in France? In addition to that fact, most people walk everywhere instead of driving. I read once that Americans drive 10 miles to the gym to walk two miles on a treadmill. Does it make sense?

Nordine Zouareg is a former Mr. Universe, an International Fitness Coach, Speaker and Author of the book Mind Over Body: The Key to Lasting Weight Loss Is All In Your Head.