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Worlds Heaviest Man Manuel Uribe Losing On Zone Diet

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Manuel Uribe on Zone Diet

Reports say that the world's heaviest man Manuel Uribe has recorded some success with losing weight with Zone Diet and is even planning to get married. Zone Diet creator Dr. Barry sears and his team of doctors give Manuel Uribe
a new lease on life.

In June 2008 the Zone Diet reported more on Manuel Uribe, who then was the world's fattest man, as he was preparing for his birthday. Here is that report below.

Manuel Uribe, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest living man in the world, has lost more than one-third of his body weight and now weighs just over 800 pounds thanks to an international team of doctors led by Dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet. As he approaches his 43rd birthday June 11, Manuel credits Dr. Sears and his team for saving his life despite monumental odds.

After decades of failed weight loss methods, including a botched liposuction that nearly killed him, devotion to the Zone Diet has been the only weight-loss program to have such a positive impact on the Mexican man, whose weight once topped 1,200 lbs. Dr. Sears, along with two of Mexico’s most prestigious physicians, Dr. Silvia Orozco Aviña and Dr. Gustavo Orozco Aviña, are at the helm of the interdisciplinary team of doctors, nutritionists and exercise physiologists who continue to work diligently to help Manuel reach his goal . . . and his birthday.

“Manuel’s ability to lose more than 400 pounds without resorting to weight loss surgery is a remarkable accomplishment. His success can be attributed to the fact that he’s never hungry because his all-star medical team is stabilizing the hormones that control hunger through diet and high levels of omega-3 fish oil with EPA and DHA,” said Dr. Sears.

That’s not to say that Manuel hasn’t been tempted by multiple offers to perform the surgery for free. In fact, during a recent filming with the Discovery Channel, he was approached by two surgeons from Texas, who attempted to convince him that gastric bypass surgery was his best option. However, Manuel’s determination never faltered.

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“I’ll stick with my team,” Manuel said, referring to the Zone physicians who have been treating him on a biweekly basis for the past two and a half years. “The Zone has saved my life, and I’m motivated to reach my goal weight by making the right choices about my health.”

Manuel plans on celebrating his birthday by taking a romantic ride along the Mexican countryside with his girlfriend, Claudia. Manuel’s previous attempt to go on a date with Claudia was thwarted when the rails of his bed, which was being hauled by a flatbed truck, struck an overpass. Undeterred, Manuel is ready to hit the road again.

“Here’s a man who hasn’t left his bed in five years, yet his spirits are so high that he’s planning a spectacular celebration for his birthday. Any person looking to lose weight can find inspiration from Manuel’s dedication and drive for success,” said Dr. Sears.

Manuel’s current diet consists of about 2,000 calories per day broken up into six meals. His specially designed menu includes a wide variety of meals including egg-white omelets, fresh salads, chicken fajitas and fish filet in a bed of spring greens. In fact, Manuel’s biggest problem is not lack of appetite control, but eating all the food he is supposed to eat.

“This dramatic improvement in appetite control is another reason why gastric bypass makes no sense for Manuel,” said Dr. Sears.

In addition to diet, Manuel’s physicians developed a personalized supplement regimen that includes the Zone’s OmegaRx, SeaHealth Plus, Metabolic Digestive Support, Cardio Support, Bone Support, Hepatic Support and Micronutrient Support. Manuel’s diet and supplement intake is strictly monitored by his physicians, who make adjustments when necessary.

Despite his weight, Dr. Sears considers Manuel Uribe one of the healthiest men in Mexico. He is not at risk for diabetes, and his blood pressure and triglyceride levels are normal. In addition, his resting heart rate averages 62 beats per minute, a level usually found in trained athletes. Even though Manuel is confined to his bed, his medical team designed a tailored exercise regimen that includes sit-ups, pull-ups and hand-biking to help build muscle mass and accelerate fat loss.



I saw a show on Manuel and I always wondered if he was still alive. I'm happy to know that he has come this far and is healthy and on his way to a better healthier life. God Bless you Manuel, I hope everything works out for you. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless !
Bloody media. We are so thin obsessed! yet we contradict and even usurp our very efforts to be "Thin". Somehow having a skeletal appearance is affiliated with being healthy. But here is the reality. Agribusiness are scoring huge profits off of the people. Genetically engineered and processed foods are flying off of the shelves at an alarming rate! But we still look at the women and men on "Dancing With the Stars" and hope we could look like that one day. Sadly, we missed the reality boat a long time ago, and boarded the "Mickey Dee's" titanic about the same time! We often get discouraged by our lack of time. Due to impossibly low wages coupled with: A. Single parents B. Increasing cost of living We are out of time, and we are inherently spoiled with the fast paced ATM drive thru conveniences that "technology" is allowing for.... When do we have time to work out? We all do not have rich spouses to support us like the "Real Housewives" so we can go to the work out club all day. What a break if I could quit my research studies and job and and do "Turbo Kickboxing" all day. ~sigh~ I do not have a nanny. Diets too failed me.. I have tried everything (I know, how cliche) but my strong interest in biology and chemistry has proven to show the Zone makes darn good sense. I would, however, advise against canned vegetables (nutrients are often zapped) and opt for either frozen (best) or frozen hey! not everything is in season) and what ever you must do fight shy of processed foods... I can make my meals as a single parent-it is doable. As for Manuel ROCK ON BABY God speed on your recovery! Remember- you do not have to go gourmet-basics will do just fine!