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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Detection - Thermography versus Mammography

2016-01-13 07:39
Thermography for breast cancer detection

The chance of getting breast cancer in one’s lifetime is 1 in 8 with about 15% of woman under the age of 45 being diagnosed. There has been a lot of debate over the efficacy of thermograms versus mammograms, but today there is more research on diagnostic tools. What must be understood are the differences between the two tests.

Mammograms have been the gold standard for diagnosing breast cancer for decades, but there are inherent problems with this diagnostic tool.

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Parabens in Shampoo and Body Lotions Linked to Breast Cancer

2015-11-28 18:56
parabens linked to breast cancer

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, report that shampoo and body lotion ingredients known as parabens may be linked to breast cancer. Although previous studies had looked at the impact of parabens alone, it now appears these chemical preservatives interact with other bodily changes, which makes them more dangerous.

Parabens are commonly used in cosmetics and personal care items to protect again

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What Parents Should Know about Rare Breast Cancer in Children

2015-11-24 18:16
rare breast cancer in children

The battle faced by Chrissy Turner, the eight-year-old girl from Utah who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer, has captured the attention of people and may have especially concerned mothers and fathers around the world. What should parents know about this extremely uncommon form of breast cancer?

Secretary breast cancer is also known as juvenile breast carcinoma and juvenile secretory carcinoma.

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What If You Could Slash Your Risk of Breast Cancer by 50%?

2015-10-12 14:49
Prevent breast cancer and decrease risk

October is breast cancer awareness month and many women are wondering if there is anything they can do to lower their risk of breast cancer, especially since that risk is 1 in 8.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, with nearly 1.7 million new cases diagnosed in 2012 and second most common cancer overall after lung cancer, and accounts for approximate

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Shocking Difference in Cost of Mammograms Nationwide, NY Ranges from $130 $130 - $1,898

2015-10-08 16:08
Cost of mammogram is wide

Can someone explain why is the cost of a mammogram so widely different in the United States for breast cancer screening?

Health is often a topic of conversation between friends, but, not many would think to compare health care costs.

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Breast Cancer: How to Identify Early Signs of The Disease

2015-10-06 14:05
life without breast cancer symptoms

Detecting breast cancer signs when the disease is in its early stage is a breakthrough in its management. How can it be detected at a very early stage? Jane Greg reports for eMaxHealth.

For some women, a dimple starts growing in the skin of the breast. The dimple on the breast begins to pouch in a way similar to a divot. It is not normal to have the skin of the breast like this.

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Could a small dose of aspirin a day prevent breast cancer?

2015-06-15 16:03
Aspirin could help prevent breast and other types of cancer.

A study conducted only in the laboratory suggests taking an aspirin a day might help prevent breast and other types of cancer. Researchers for the study that appears in the July 2015 issue of Laboratory Investigation say aspirin appears to have the ability to block cancer stem cells from reproducing.

Dr. Sushanta Banerjee, research director of the Cancer Research Unit at the Kansas City (Mo.) Veterans Affairs Medical Center lead the research.

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Food scientists develop new way to predict breast cancer with blood test

2015-04-16 18:44
Food scientists discover they can predict who will develop breast cancer with eighty-percent accuracy.

Researchers have discovered they can predict who will develop breast cancer years into the future by looking at blood test samples using a food science method. The scientists say the results of their investigation could mean a paradigm shift in the way breast cancer is diagnosed.

Copenhagen researchers used metabolic blood profiles that analyze the amounts of all compounds (metabolites) in our blood for their investigation.

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A third of breast cancer patients interested in genetic testing

2015-04-07 11:55
1 in 3 breast cancer patients interested in genetic testing

A new survey has found that, although a third of breast cancer patients are concerned about their genetic risk of developing other cancers, nearly half are not discussing testing with their doctor.

Researchers surveyed 1,536 women in Los Angeles and Detroit who had been diagnosed with nonmetastatic breast cancer between 2005 and 2007.

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Black, Hispanic women have less say in breast cancer care

2015-03-22 16:10
Black and Hispanic women have less say in breast cancer care

Black and Hispanic women with breast cancer are less likely than white women to be actively involved in their care, according to a new survey.

The questionnaire-based study surveyed 222 white, 142 black and 136 Hispanic women. The Hispanic women were categorized by whether they mainly spoke English (89) or Spanish (47).

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