The United States Could Have A Prescription Drug Shortage

2008-08-07 14:10

How can Beijing air pollution and Olympics create prescription drug shortage in USA.

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

China is determined to present a favorable impression to the world during the Olympic Games. Beijing is extremely polluted. It is desperately trying to decrease the pollution in the city and its surroundings. The pollution could affect the athlete’s performance and health. Many countries have expressed concern.

In order to clean up the air quality for the Olympic Games athletes, Beijing has taken extreme measures shunting down many large commercial plant operations in its vicinity. Many chemical plants in and around Beijing produce ingredients for both generic and brand named drugs. These plants are dirty plants producing significant pollution. The closing of these chemical plants before and after the Olympics will result, at least, in large increases in drug prices globally and, at most ,in life threatening shortages of vital medications throughout the world.

“The expedience of reducing particulate pollution has prompted officials to temporarily shut down chemical production in and around Beijing prior to the Olympics. This crackdown is likely to include pharmaceutical production.”

The Chinese government has been trying to relocate polluting industries and power generating plants away from its large cities. Cleaner plants have already been built in less populated areas. However, the production of particulate matter (microscopic particles toxic to lung tissue) is still twice the admissible level recommended by the World Health Organization. Pollution from particulate matter produces both acute and chronic pulmonary disease. Chinese government officials have temporarily shut down chemical production for two months prior to the Olympics and one month post Olympic Games to decrease particulate matter in the air.

This crackdown affects pharmaceutical production. China is the largest producer in the world of bulk pharmaceuticals known as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)


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