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Heart Attack Symptoms and Signs

ECG Transmission from Ambulance Cuts Time to Direct Clot Removal

2006-03-13 14:54

When emergency medical technicians wirelessly transmit eletrocardiograms (ECG) directly to a cardiologist's hand held device, heart attack patients can potentially receive direct clot removal in half the usual time.

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Age, Sex, Racial Disparities in Heart Attack Hospital Transfer Patterns

2006-03-13 07:50

Older, female and minority patients rushed to community hospitals with acute heart attacks are less likely to be transferred to a larger hospital that offers procedures to immediately open clogged arteries.

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Aspirin Reduces The Risk of Cardiovascular Events in Men and Women

2006-01-18 09:26

Although the benefits of aspirin therapy for reducing the risk of heart attack among men and women with preexisting cardiovascular disease are well established, the role of aspirin in primary prevention is less clear.

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