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Drug Gives Mice Longevity Boost

2009-07-11 09:57

A drug known to suppress the immune system, and possibly inhibit cancer and other destructive aging processes, is the new frontrunner in federally supported anti-aging studies.

In the study, mice fed the drug rapamycin, even starting in late middle age, had their lifespan extended by 9 to 14 percent. The results appear online and will be published in the journal Nature.

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Cognitive Training Reduces Health Care Costs

2009-07-11 09:56

Older adults' predicted annual medical care expenditures can be reduced significantly through the use of cognitive training, according to a research team led by Fredric Wolinsky, Ph.D., who holds the John W. Colloton Chair in Health Management and Policy in the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

The team evaluated the effects of three cognitive training interventions (memory, reasoning, or speed of processing) on changes in predicted medical care expenditures. Five-year follow-up data were available for 1,804 of the 2,802 original study participants.

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