Wormwood Tea and Parasite Infection: Risks You Need to Know

2012-03-01 13:14

A recently televised health show promoted the use of drinking wormwood tea as a way to prevent and treat parasite infection from parasitic species such as roundworms, which are believed to contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome. However, what the show failed to warn viewers of is that wormwood tea is not without side effects that can range from mild irritation and inability to sleep to severe organ damage and possible death.

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is a shrub native to Europe and Africa, but can be found in North America. Historically, its upper shoots, leaves and flowers are used in traditional herbal medicines, but the plant is known more infamously for the role it played in the history of the mind-altering drink absinthe.

Recorded use of wormwood extract dates back to Biblical times and is known to have been used in the treatment of tapeworms and other gastrointestinal parasites during the Middle Ages. In the 19th century, it was discovered that a distillate of wormwood along with alcohol and some herbs would result in an alcoholic beverage known for its tart taste, a tantalizing blue-green color and mind-altering properties that made it widely popular in Europe among artists and writers such as van Gogh and Oscar Wilde.

The mind-altering property of absinthe is attributed to a natural organic oil-like compound called “thujone” that is found in high concentrations in the wormwood plant. Some studies have indicated that thujone acts on the central nervous system and if consumed in large enough quantities can result in muscle tremors and spasms. Fears that absinthe made from the wormwood plant was addicitive and extremely harmful to health by inducing psychosis and suicide, led to its ban in the early 20th century in Europe and the U.S.

As a herbal remedy, wormwood is claimed to be effective in treating loss of appetite, digestive disorders, liver and gallbladder complaints, irregular menstruation as well as the purging of intestinal worms. As a poultice, it has been used to treat poorly healing wounds, ulcers, skin blotches, and insect bites. However, its uses as an herbal remedy are without scientific backing and it is not recommended by the medical community as a cure or treatment for any medical conditions.


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Wormwood tea is consumed in morocco ,specially in winter , daily. I consumed it during winters for many years.In morocco , it is known as sheba.
Hi Brian, do you know if can you take the leafs fresh or do you have to dry them and make it in to tea?
Yes I am Moroccan it is my favourite and we also drink mint tea since born I am still taking wormwood unti now here in US and nothing happened to me instead i feel energy and creative whenever I drink it still . I think our bodies not same each person has his her metabolic system function differently and may be sensitive to one thing and not the other . Also if a person is already sick wormwood could trigger those sickness to go away ..so i do not recommend everybody do like me I am used to it since born :) take cautions see doctor before take it is my advice to those never tried it before.
I think it would be better to state how much wormwood is toxic because it does help when getting rid of parasites. This article is incomplete as it only incites fear in using the herb. How much thujone causes convulsions, death? Can you use it to kill parasites without harming yourself? This would be interesting to know.
I completely agree. I asked myself the same thing when reading. What is the maximum amount to take in capsules, tea or other forms?
Research thujone. It effects your GABA receptor negatively. Things like alcohol and Xanax also effect the GABA receptor. It's the binding to the GABA receptor that causes people to stumble or be incoherent. Thujone effects it negatively in that it binds to the GABA receptor in a way that can - with persistent high use - can cause muscle spasms and seizure. That's why it's so dangerous.
Hi all: Kathleen here from EmaxHealth. Supplements are not controlled, so you never know how much you're getting. But it's classified as unsafe by the FDA. You can do an internet search of "traditional" dosing for certain conditions. We also report news and don't recommend any sort of medical treatments. You really would want to ask your doctor or see a holistic or naturopathic physician for such recommendations. I hope that helps some.
Thats lame then dont write the article until you have consulted your own doctors. Since you dont know how much is toxic you have no clue. So why writ a article saying its toxic. This is probably funded by pharmacuetical company claiming to be some self help blog, again lame. Herbs are the healing of the nation, chemicals only poison us as do these bias articles. Very lame
Guys this article was merely written to cause fear hence its lies and incompleteness. The part of the tea that causes toxicity is called drunk idiot syndrone. Absinthe alchohol is made from this tea. People made it into a 160 proof beverage than dank it then got drunk, had anxiety, sleeplesness, liver failure does any of this sound familar? Its called alchohol poisoning. You can die from sugar cane but if you drink 1bottle of 151 bacardi made from sugar cane, believe me thats a risky game, you can die. I really dislike big pharma diguising themselves as these blogs its sad. Anyone can do a 2min internet search and find same info i did. What company in the world would sell this if i caused any of these symptoms. Yea that guy got liver failure cause he tried to make absinthe alchohol moron. Guys look for the truth and expose these fake blogs. Fear mongers, they should take this article down imideately
That's what I'm thinking, Danny. I currently have parasites from traveling to Guatemala and was instructed to take Wormwood and Garlic supplements by my chiropractor/holistic Dr. I decided to do some research before starting them tomorrow, but blogs like this just make me crazy.
your probably not going to like my response , about the FDA or the government itself. The FDA are complete liars . what they approve is not safe and what they dont is safe all due to the fact the government itself dont want others to know the truth and the Fact that they are more into population control . Further more I would do more research. ex colloidal silver was one drug that was not approved by the FDA saying your skin would turn blue and organs would fail due to damage , not true due to the fact that I have drank the water itself and also did further investigation and research my self and found out the guy had full blown hepc that caused his skin to turn blue while drinking colloidal silver
I can't find any information to back what you say about Hepatitis C. Do you have some sort of link or other reference? Just curious. Liver disease can make someone look very "grey", but not blue.
I have been taking Thorne Artecin (Chinese wormwood) daily for the last three and half years, sometimes at doses of 5000 mg a day, and have never observed any of the effects listed above. I have noticed only health improvements. And I am one prone to terrible side effects from some prescription drugs and herbs, but have not seen that with Thorne Artecin.
How many wormwood leaves do you use to make a cup of wormwood tea? Does the leaves need to be dried before making the tea, or can the leaves be picked fresh?
The Moroccans pick it and brew it fresh when they can, dried too, either way.
Is this safe to take if you have enlarged liver
Yeah true thujone is the concern when taking wormwood but let's be honest how many toxins and harmful chemicals we consume whenver we take synthetic drugs of Big Pharma? come on guys!How many toxins in daily life and so on? but here is solution when taking Wormwood for parasite infections it is better do it along with detox program to get ride of thojone the bad stuff from your body I do my own blood analysis at home I see improvements my red blood cells freely moving and dead parasites eaten by phagocytes WBCs yet i see lots toxins arround so i do exfolation in hot bath with bentonite clay masks at home with drinking lots green juices and workout all got toxins out and I just feel amazing!! DISCLAIMER :this is not for medical advice this only share of my own experience every person is different consult your doctor before doing anything with wormwood.
I have been to several doctors for parasite treatment with little or no results and they all seem to be hesitant about treatment with FDA approved medication so I am willing to try the wormwood without thujone . Is there a recommend brand of tea that is effective?
Just a tip - there are two types of Wormwood - Artemisia Annua aka Sweet Annie (Chinese) and Artemisia Absinthium - I do believe that the Absinthium is the one containing the potentially harmful thujone. Thorne's Artecin contains the Sweet variety (Annua).
If this plant were toxic, all Moroccans would be dead because they drink tea about 6 times a day with Wormwood. They brew it freshly picked and dried, either way. Children drink it, old people drink it, everyone drinks it. It's funny, I've lived in Morocco for 2 years and have never heard of anyone that had died from cancer, meanwhile, in the US, 90% of my family has passed from cancer. Food for thought.
Dina I think you knocked it out of the park. The thread could stop there with your practical real life information and I think everyone would leave satisfied. I just read through this whole forum because I started taking worm wood capsules TODAY. And you all have said many insightful things. I'm inspired by the human race and I think we can have some hope. As part of a plan to uplift myself and perhaps others around me, I've decided to do a parasite cleanse which utilizes wormwood amongst other herbs to knock out some parasites. For me, this is for physical health, spiritual purpose, renewal and so forth. After spending a year in India (a few years ago) and being back in the US, I think I owe it to my G.I. tract to blast out any creeps who have been hanging around in there. However, its also an intuitive feeling which drives me to feel that I have parasites. Sometimes I think that I even feel them inside... uhh weird. :z So, yeah, I'm definitely willing to take worm wood herb and if I happen to start tripping, I'll just enjoy that as much as the feeling of killing parasites which are sucking my life away. Thanks and I feel much gratitude for humans on forums sharing knowledge. anyone else? am nam
Alex, how is the cleanse going? Be sure to incorporate cloves! Buy whole cloves, grind them and put them in empty capsules, they are great for parasite cleansing!
Dina. I live in India. We use clove for cooking food all the time. How would you take Clove, which quantity? I am now on 7day intestinal cleanse by Dr Iron. Now parasites deprived of food (except for juices) and intestines are getting cleaned up. I have Wormwood liquid (from USA) (was suggested to start with one drop per day). Does anyone has a full list of remedies we can use all at once to tackle various types of parasites?
Why wouldn't they write about harmful effects of antibiotics and painkillers - which make Candida flourish and eat up human being alive. There is no remedy against Candida available in Pharma. What about Pharmacy drugs killing liver. Deaths from pharmaceutical drugs????
Yes! It's going well! I am definitely taking cloves daily with the wormwood and black walnut. Doing dr Clarks parasite cleanse as can be found on Amazon. I'm sure there are many good ones. I'm a week in on mine. Good luck all!
HI VALENTINA you got me talking,80% of antibiotics is given to farmed animals,most of it to poultry and farmed fish.Antibiotic is fungal product,and fungus is Cancer, and all these fancy diagnostic names diseases are summed up in one word CANDIDA.There is no cure for candida only controlling it with non Candidal foods and environment.Pigs are given dangerous chemical to produce less fat,water and rock melon are grown with dangerous chemical to make them grow fast and big,which is potent Neurotoxin.Growing fruits with Alar which makes green fruit appearing ripe. Fluoride in drinking water most dangerous industrial by product,lowers IQ Neurotoxin and bone damage.And Chemtrails, foods with Carrageenan list goes on for ever.I use Wormwood all my life ,trick is if you use it in hot water do not use more then 2 weeks once a day ,one or two sprigs in hot tea.I use it daily or so one sprig or two Wormwood sprig or two Rue in Chardonay Wife uses cold water,prior to immersion rub them well,leave for hour or so then sip it in small amounts over long period,no more then 100ml of liquid.Vine or cold water does not infuse too much of its potency and is safe.Rue helps brain lobes to intercommunicate better.Most people do usual mistake,when they use a bit and next day they feel lighter whole body feels better joins are free,then they overdose.symptoms of overdose are Headache diarrhoea and loss of balance,so practically is impossible to carry on overdosing.More then century ago Printers who were working with led letters used to drink it daily with milk as Wormwood is well known to purge metal toxins from our body.Without man made pollution our planet is full of metals and other toxic substances floating in the air from Volcanic eruptions.Candida is fungal infection,fungus attacks every cell in our body,especially involuntary nerves,then muscles go into spasm,out of shape pressing on nerves,that's how you get bad back.You lift your arm you pull your muscle they say you actually breaking them,you yawn fully open mouth you get terrible jaw pain,you get muscle cramps in the early morning in bed,all this thanks to Candida,coz fungus blocks involuntary nerves.Black fungus is deadly if in concentrated floating in the air.Black fungus on Cauliflower Cabbage and other vegetables they all cause dull back pain.Finally it comes all down do you digest which is pain free in the gut or do you ferment which is very painful discomforting bloating irregular stools feel like drunk bad memory irritability twitches,loss of libido and so on.Most important is get your old mercury teeth feeling out,as they cause severe depression even wish to die,as they leaching mercury slowly.I'm as old as Methuselah and not on any medication,just taking pure borax twice a day and eat fresh Gotu Kola and Beach Pennyworth daily and glass or two or three of Merlot .All this I'm taking according to medical science is Poison.
Everything in excess is bad. Even if it's something that is healthy. It's safe to say that no one is going to eat/use an entire crop of wormwood. However, let's all keep in mind that the side effects listed in this article which are 3 (anxiety or lack of sleep, severe organ damage, and/or death) are few when compared to pharmaceuticals (and they would include those). And the natural herbs/plants have been used for thousands of years in comparison to 40? So, they have been used for thousands of years, have the least amount of side effects and are inexpensive. I'm going with natural herbs/plants!
So wormwood tea can apparently cause mild irritation and inability to sleep to severe organ damage and possible death. Guess what. Parasites can also cause mild irritation and inability to sleep to severe organ damage and possible death, amongst a host of issues. Having been plagued by the darn things slithering around my body, neck, face and scalp for the last 8 years with no help or interest from the Medical Profession as my only two useless stool tests were apparently negative, possible (and highly unlikely) 'side-effects' from taking Wormwood is the least of my worries....... Parasites are a huge problem which is dismissed as unimportant. Up to 70-odd years ago most people did regular parasite cleanses - as they knew not doing so was the fastest route to the Lunatic Asylum, but then they were lulled into a false sense of security by 'The Establishment' and that protection was forgotten. Did the Human Race suddenly become immune to parasites? Of course not. The issue just got swept under the carpet in the race to treat 'symptoms'. Medicine spends billions 'treating symptoms' and completely ignores the causes. I was offered sleeping tablets for my insomnia (caused by the incessant worm activity) and anti-depressants for my depression (caused by the incessant worm activity), but absolutely nothing to treat the incessant worm activity! If they paid half as much attention to the parasite issue in Western culture as they do to 'symptoms' they could halve the medical burden overnight and people would be a darn sight healthier. It is not just a Third World issue. It's just that the Third World is far more aware of the issue than we are......