Two Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and What You Can Do About It

2014-03-19 10:09

Did you know that your irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may be caused by just two foods that many of us eat every day? Dr. Oz has IBS advice that may be the answer to your digestive health problems.

“If you get frequent cramping, bloating, constipation and even diarrhea when you are stressed out, then it may be a sign of IBS—irritable bowel syndrome, “ says Dr. Oz. “One in five of us has it, and you are four times more likely to get it if you are a woman. Today, discover the surprising things that may be causing your IBS and what you can do to wipe it out of your system for good.”

Dr. Oz explains to viewers that stress-related Irritable bowel syndrome starts with signals from the brain as neurochemicals that make their way to the digestive system that can affect the body in one of two ways. The first way is that it overstimulates the digestive tract and causes waste matter to move too quickly as diarrhea. The second way is just the opposite. The digestive tract is slowed down as the related organs begin to spasm on and off repeatedly, leading to a buildup of waste matter that is not being actively eliminated as it should. The result is feelings of bloating as your digestive tract becomes backed-up.

However, Dr. Oz points out that stress is not always a direct cause of IBS; but that it in fact, it may have some help from the types of foods you eat. As it turns out, the two trigger foods that can lead to suffering from an irritable bowel are ones that many of us have every day: Artificial sweeteners and chocolate.

Dr. Oz explains to viewers that when we start drinking a lot of sodas and eating candy as a way to deal with stress or as a way to try to keep our energy levels up, that it can cause an imbalance in our bodies that leads to the development of IBS. The obvious solution he recommends is to cut out the sodas filled with artificial sweeteners and reduce your chocolate intake.

Another reason to cut out sodas is that research has shown that drinking as little as one soda a day increases your risk of diabetes by 22 percent.

But, there is more that you can do. According to Dr. Oz, his latest recommendations for preventing or treating an irritable bowel includes not only reducing your intake of artificial sweeteners and chocolate, but to also increase your intake of the following foods:


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IBS is may cause discomfort but it will not permanently harm your intestines. Start with a colon cleanse, this will help to get your bowels moving and will help relieve abdominal discomfort, bloating, flatulence, constipation, and heartburn. Avoid has-producing foods such as... •Processed and fried food •Beans •Broccoli •Brussels sprouts Also very important as mentioned above is managing your stress, this is because IBS is affected by the immune system, which in turn is adversely affected by stress.
Studies have shown colon cleanses are the worst thing u can do for ibs/severe diahrea. Hopefully readers will do reasearch prior to doing a cleanse. Also EVERYTHING dr oz suggests doesn't work for every person suffering with ibs. If u talk to the hundreds of thousands of people that live with this debilitating disease, I guarantee none of them are ingesting chocolate or artificial sweeteners so his claims are bogus :(
I have found that a tincture of marijuana taken orally at bedtime along with probiotics has helped me significantly. The marijuana has a calming affect on the inflammation in the digestive area (my non medical guess) and the probiotics keep the bacteria in the digestive area happy. I had only about 10% as many "bad" days with the marijuana tincture and the probiotics seem to cut that down to 5%. I do know that if I have a meal high in sugar I will tend to pay for it later. Milk and milk products also seem to be things to avoid with the exception of yogurt which is good. If you are in a state that allows for Medical Marijuana I would strongly recommend that you look into this. The benefit is from eating it over smoking it. Taking it at night will help you sleep and give your digestion a break. I put three droppers of tincture under my tongue but you will need to find the dosage that works for you. Also, the strains are different in their effects. I am using strains on the sativa side of the bell curve but you may find indica strains are better for you. One issue I have had is that once I found something it can be unavailable later. Best wishes to anyone else working to find solutions.
I have had IBS ever since my surgery in 2011. I suffer with diarrhea every day. I never new about IBS, only that they almost gave me a colostomy, and said I would be able to BM because they had just enough to put me back together. I have thought that I would just have to live with this. My private area is very sore, as the IBS comes any time. It makes my skin sore. I saw on Dr oz that Peppermint Oil stops diarrhea. I got some and OH the relief. I never knew there was any. I do not drink sodas, rarely eat chocolate, and keep away from all sweetens. Is there any tea that also offers relief? I enjoy herbal teas.
Peppermint tea helps my IBS. Then again I spoke to a specialist and he said to try cutting out the gluten. I feel so much better without gluten and foods with a lot of yeast. I can eat a small piece of gluten free bread but not bagels which seem to be denser. Also exercise such as walking helps my IBS. Good luck.
Thank you, great read :)