Suzanne Somers Discusses her Revolutionary Breast Reconstruction with Iscador

2011-12-19 19:09

Suzanne Somers tells Dr. Oz during his show how she used Iscador and Biodentical Hormone as an alternative treatment to breast cancer and a way to achieve a remarkable breast reconstruction.

In a candid interview on the Dr. Oz show, actress and fitness personality Suzanne Somers discusses her revolutionary breast reconstruction after losing her right breast to cancer. Dissatisfied with current cancer treatments and traditional classic breast reconstruction therapies, Suzanne Somers takes her health in own hands and along the way finds a new surgical technique that wound up giving her a natural appearing and feeling breast to replace the one she had lost.

Just a few months after her breast reconstruction surgery, Suzanne Somers takes the stage on the Dr. Oz show and tells her story by beginning with how that at age 50, after having just had a mammogram that tested negative for breast cancer, her physician suggested trying out a new sonogram machine that he had on hand. The sonogram picked up on a 2.4 centimeter tumor against her chest wall that the mammogram had missed.

“Like a lot of women who’ve had breast cancer, you’ve had a lumpectomy, says Dr. Oz.

Suzanne tells us that before her lumpectomy she had decided to fight the cancer in her own way. “It was like going to war and I was going to do it my way,” she states. She began her treatment by refusing chemotherapy and refusing to stop taking her supplemental hormone therapy, believing that keeping her hormones balanced was important to her health and preventing further cancer development.


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I'm glad that this method gains more media coverage! My stem cell breast augmentation was done by DDr. Heinrich from Austria who's one of Europe's leading experts.