Remove Wrinkles Fast Without Botox the Dr. Oz Way

2013-01-17 11:38

Have you ever had a last-minute reception to go to and not enough time (or money) to get a Botox injection to remove wrinkles and fine lines from your face? Well, according to a special guest dermatologist on the Dr. Oz Show, making those wrinkles vanish in less than 15 minutes is as simple as knowing what ingredients to look for in your emergency skin cream cosmetic bag.

“What’s the first thing women complain to you about when they come to see you in your office and they are past the age of 35?” Dr. Oz asks Dr. Joely Kaufman, a dermatologist who specializes in skincare for women.

“So after 35, we know that there is a decrease in collagen production. So, people start to notice and they come in and they say “I notice textural differences, I’m noticing fine lines,’ and they feel like they are too young to start noticing this--but this is real,” says Dr. Kaufman. “So, I have a perfect solution for them…the best alternative [to Botox] I’ve come up with is two ingredients, and those two ingredients actually work together,” says Dr. Kaufman.

“The first one is going to give you an immediate benefit, it’s a silicone called ‘siloxane.’ And what it will do is cover your wrinkles immediately and it works within 15 minutes,” says Dr. Kaufman.

Siloxane is silicone-based compound that is used in a wide variety of cosmetic products such as deodorants, hair products, sun screens and skin moisturizers. Why a silicone-based ingredient is so versatile and useful in cosmetic products is due to its ability to act as a film-former that spreads evenly and smoothly over skin without leaving behind a greasy feeling to the skin. As a wrinkle remover, it basically fills in those fine lines and aids other cosmetic components in layering a smooth wrinkle-free appearance.

However, the use of a siloxane-containing cream is only temporary and thereby requires a second component to help remove wrinkles for a longer period of time.

“It’ll only last a couple of hours, so you do need a second ingredient. The second ingredient is a peptide,” says Dr. Kaufman. “Peptides are great at penetrating the skin and they grow lots of collagen. So, that’ll be your long-term play, but at least you have a short-term play to get rid of those wrinkles so that next week you’ll look better.”


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Where can I find Dr. Oz's wrinkle cream remover. It is 2 items that are used together and one is a serum.
Where is wrinle remover?
I would like a sample of the wrinkle cream.
Hi Nellie: We do not sell the wrinkle cream. This is just a report about skin care. We report health and beauty news, but do not sell any sort of products. Best to you!
I'm 2years older that my husband when 2 children ask me if I'm his mother I really felt old and thought I need to do something for myself I'm 47 years old and work in a very stress full job it's rewarding but it gets to u I really wants to try the sample cream please
I believe I have it pinned on Pinterest...I'm going to search for it now.
i am 44 years . i have wrinks
Hi, you may want to read about a new anti-wrinkle pill reported in Prevention magazine and in today's articles at Emaxhealth. Good luck!
i am 24 and getting crows feet i am wondering what can i do to get rid of them without surgery or botox
where do i purchase this product with the two ingredients to help me get rid of these wrinkles. i know you don't sell this product but where can i find the product which contains these two ingredients? So i can start looking now please point me in the right direction thank u
Hi Kim: Do a Google search of siloxane and peptide skin cream. That should yield good results. When I did that I found a cream at Amazon called: Sublime Beauty FACE WHISPERER NIGHT CREAM. I think it even says Dr. Oz recommended it!
I am 35 years old and i have bad wrinkles under my eyes. what can i use to kinda clear the wrinkles up without botox or surgery?
Where can I get these two new wrinkle creams that are advertised by Dr. Oz. I really want them.
I order some wrinkles cream and didnt put the apartment number 8 can you make sure i get my trails plz
Hi, we do not handle orders for wrinkle creams or any other products. We are a health information site. Please go back to your original order and look for their contact info for help. Good luck and good health.