New Belly Fat Weight Loss Exercise Takes Less Time and Works Better, Say Researchers

2012-06-29 21:09

Researchers from the School of Medical Sciences at the University of New South Wales have recently published their development of a new type of exercise called “LifeSprints” that they say causes significant loss of belly fat in a relatively short time in comparison to other types of exercise that take longer to achieve the same amount of belly fat weight loss.

Funded by Diabetes Australia, LifeSprints was developed from research conducted at the University of New South Wales to develop innovative and effective exercises for weight loss. Basically, LifeSprints research has demonstrated that a 20-minute workout consisting of 8 seconds of sprint exercise, followed by 12 seconds of relative recovery resulted in more fat loss than 40 minutes of steady state exercise. The fast-paced LifeSprints style of exercise includes the use of cycling, boxing and equipment like elliptical fitness trainers found in fitness centers.

In the latest issue of the Journal of Obesity, researchers report their findings that obese men utilizing the LifeSprints style of interval sprinting on stationary bicycles lost in one hour what normally takes 7 hours of jogging to achieve in weight loss. According to the researchers, just 20 minutes of doing sprints on an exercise bike, three times a week, is all that is needed to achieve significant weight loss around the abdomen.

“Sprints are a very time efficient form of exercise,” says Associate Professor Steve Boutcher, who led the UNSW Medicine research. “The sprint program, LifeSprints, reduced visceral fat with seven times less exercise time and has a much greater impact on cardiovascular and metabolic health than reductions of subcutaneous fat stores in the legs and arms.”


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