Lose 18 Pounds with Dr. Oz's International Slim-Down Diet Secrets

2012-07-03 16:26

“I’ve searched far and wide for the best weight loss secrets for women just like you, from all across the globe,” says Dr. Oz as he reveals 3 international slim-down diet secrets that he has uncovered to share with his audience that together can add up to a total loss of 18 pounds during the course of a year.

International diet secret #1: Hungary

“It’s the process they use to prepare their vegetables that is the diet secret Hungarian women use to lose weight,” says Dr. Oz, explaining that vinegar used in the pickling of Hungarian foods works toward weight loss by suppressing the growth of fat cells. “There’s virtually no calories in these pickled vegetables, so it’s a fabulous snack for a lot of folks.”

Dr. Oz does caution that the salt content is something to watch for; however, the salty and tart taste of pickled foods makes it a great trade-off for salty, fat-filled snacks like potato chips. According to Dr. Oz, if you trade off two pickled foods for potato chips each week, you can lose up to 3.5 pounds over the course of a year.

International diet secret #2: Switzerland

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A whole grain dish favored by Swiss women to keep off weight is a daily morning bowl of muesli. “For a lot of folks who get a little bit bored by the oatmeal I keep recommending—although I love it every day—I understand that folks are a little different sometimes, so muesli for breakfast is a wonderful treat…it’s a whole grain and so it fills you up and helps control some of those sugar cravings you often get in life.”

Dr. Oz tells viewers that if a morning bowl of muesli is traded off in place of a typical bacon and egg breakfast every morning that dieters can lose up to 7 pounds in one year.

International diet secret #3: South Africa


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