Iberogast Supplement Facts, Research and Side Effects You Need to Know

2012-03-13 14:25

Iberogast is a dietary supplement used to treat functional dyspepsia in the forms of indigestion, stomach pain, bloating and gas. Its use as an anti-anxiety supplement to soothe a stomach made upset by emotional stress was recently promoted on a popular health TV show. While Iberogast has been used for a number of years without reports of any major warnings, there are a few facts, research findings and side effects you need to know about before trying this naturopathic supplement.

What is Iberogast?

Iberogast is a plant-derived extract supplement used to treat several gastric disorders and irritable bowel syndrome. It is made from a concoction of 9 ingredients: Iberis amara, Angelica, Chamomile, Caraway Fruit, St. Mary’s Thistle, Lemon Balm Leaves, Peppermint Leaves, Celandin, Liquorice Root and alcohol.

The majority of the herbal extracts used in the supplement focus on relieving painful stomach cramps and preventing flatulence. The proposed benefits of each component are as follows:

• Iberis amara—increases the tone of the smooth muscles of the GI tract resulting in increased peristaltic movement to move digested food along its way.

• Angelica Chamomile—an anti-inflammatory agent that promotes digestion, gastric juice production and provides relief from stomach muscle cramping.

• Caraway fruit—relieves cramps and acts as a microbiocide to counter flatulence from consumption of gas-producing foods such as beans and cabbage.

• St. Mary’s Thistle—promotes good liver health.

• Lemon Balm leaves—calming, sedative-like effect and anti-flatulent.

• Peppermint leaves—relieves cramps, stimulates bile production and is anti-flatulent.

• Celandin—relieves cramps in GI tract.

• Licorice root—relieves cramps and promotes healing of stomach ulcers.

• Alcohol—preserves the herbal components.

Recommended Dosages of Iberogast


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happy to be on your mailing list - find iberogast of extreme help
Anything with booze will not hekp digestion. The company is crazy.
I had gall bladder surgery but the pain I had was still there. I then was diagnosed of having SOD (sphinctor of oddi dysfunction). After two conservative approaches to manage my pain, I finally had an ERCP procedure to investigate what the problem was. There was scar tissue blocking the pancreas that was corrected but I STILL had pain. I told my doctor that my liver hurt but she said it was my pancreas. I was taking betaine hcl for digestion since my stomach was not producing enough gastric juices for digestion. I was also taking azeo pangen, enzymes, to help the pancreas in food digestion. I still had pain and horrible belching. So my doctor prescribed the Iberogast. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I no longer use the betaine hcl or azeo pangen. My pain has subsided. I have dealt with this pain for four years. Nothing helped. I thought that I would have to manage my discomfort of belching and pain in my upper quadrant forever. The Iberogast is wonderful. I haven't told my doctor how this has worked for fear that it may be temporary. So far I have been pain free for four weeks. Yeah!
Hi drank a dose of iberogast for gas. That was four days ago. I have had diarrhea since. Only when I retraced what I drank or ate did I remember that it has been ever since drinking the iberogast. I have just checked the expiry date and it expired January 2013. Could this be the cause a my 4 days of diarrhea and should I be worried.
This made me have extreme pain, sweating and pass out. I reduced the dose by 1/2 and still have the same pain and cramps. I had my gallbladder out in 1993. Same pain. ERCP in 2008 same pain. IBS and gastopheresis. It is debilitating. Wish I found something to help.
My GI doc recommended that I try Iberogast because I have been battling severe bloating with everything from water to fruit to vegetables to meats. I had previously tried elimination tactics (no soy, no dairy, etc) and found no relief. I had many tests done for bacteria, cancer, and a host of other GI-related tests/procedures. I tried other herbal remedies, the FODMAP nutritional plan, several probiotics. Still, no relief. Even a glass of water would cause bloating to the point that my kids thought I was pregnant (I'm rather slim)! After only four days on Ibergast, I feel the first sense I relief I have had in almost 5 months. I thought it would be another fail but I've been using it 3xday for about 3 weeks and I have had no side effects of any kind.
I have gastroparesis. I use ibergast in bigelow ginger tea with probiotics when i have a meal. I find it helps a lot.
investigating before trying
Works like mágic for severe indigestión. Wonderfull product.
Does anyone recommend trying this in place of Nexium for GERD?
I have had GERD for about 10 years now and have so far not found anything that gives me any relief from bloating, wind, pain, etc. I have sent for IBEROGAST and hope it will help. I will keep you posted.
After my operation i had a problem of constipation. beacause the doctor prescribe cronic medication for me my colleague advice me to use iberogast i have drink for 2weeks and my system is working normally i feel i am a person after iberogast it does wonders.
How does this product go with IBD ulcerative colitis