Have Great Skin with These 3 Anti-Aging Pills that Will Make You Look Younger

2014-01-14 11:05

Is there such as thing as an anti-aging pill? According to Dr. Oz the answer is “yes” as he introduces to his audience 3 breakthrough anti-aging pills that he says will make you look younger from the inside out.

“Today you can pop a pill to look younger. I have 3 pills for 3 types of people. And the best part is that each one only costs about ten bucks for a month’s supply,” says Dr. Oz as introduces special guest Tess Mauricio M.D. a dermatologist who tells viewers that pills today can offer a natural and healthy way to combat aging from the inside that cannot be achieved by topical skin care creams applied from the outside of the body.

“As long as you are taking the proper guidelines as far as dosage, you’re making it human-proof with no errors,” says Dr. Mauricio.

The following is a summary of the 3 pills Dr. Mauricio and Dr. Oz say will help make you look younger:

Anti-aging Pill #1: Lipowheat

“Lipowheat is a true new breakthrough. It’s just entering the U.S. market,” says Dr. Mauricio who tells viewers that it has previously been used in Japan where it has proven to be safe.

When asked by Dr. Oz what kind of person would benefit from a capsule of Lipowheat, Dr. Mauricio tells him and the viewers that this is one that is good for people with dry, itchy skin.

“When we age, our skin becomes more dry. And with Lipowheat, basically it is the ultimate moisturizer from the inside out. What it does is that it basically makes the wrinkles look less noticeable, and also gives you that youthful healthy glow,” says Dr. Mauricio.

Dr. Oz explains that Lipowheat contains skin-restoring ceramides that help brings moisture from below the layers of skin to and through the layers of dry, wrinkled skin to restore lost moisture and give the skin a younger appearance.

“You are literally restoring some of that damaged barrier, rebuilding those cracks and refilling the wrinkles,” says Dr. Oz.

Lipowheat is available in a 350 milligram capsule form that is taken once a day in the morning.


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Let us not forget that Dr. Oz and Dr. Mauricio showed the Life Extension Brand pills for both Lipowheat and PLE. There is a reason they went with these brands and that's because they are scientifically based in their research and production so the show's producers know they will be safe recommending the brand.
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