Freeze Dried Poop Pills Tested as Solution for Reversing Obesity

2016-01-11 03:56

Volunteers are needed for a new weight loss trial where participants swallow freeze dried poop pills.

For years now, scientists have uncovered mounting evidence that the type of bacteria you have in your digestive tract could play an important role in your health. In fact, reported cases of fecal swapping—a procedure where fecal matter from a healthy person is transferred into the digestive tract of a sick person—have been made that resulted in an improvement in a number of cases of patients with digestive system health issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal infections.

According to a recent article in the online magazine Ars Technica, reporter Beth Mole alerts readers that a new weight loss study involving fecal matter transplant will be seeking volunteers willing to swallow “poop pills”―freeze dried samples of fecal matter packaged in small capsules.

This trial study is led by Elaine Yu, an assistant professor and clinical researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, who hopes to prove for the first time that changing the microbes in a person’s gut can cause a change in their weight.

This trial is based previous human twin studies where the fecal matter from a lean twin and an obese twin was transplanted into the guts of mice that possessed a microbe-free gut. What the researchers found was that in spite of being on the same diet, the mouse that received the lean twin fecal matter remained lean whereas the mouse that received the obese twin’s fecal matter became overweight.

In another study, the Ars Technica article reports about the case of a woman who received a fecal transplant from her daughter in order to cure her recurring intestinal infection by a particularly nasty bacterium called Clostridium difficile. While the fecal transplant helped the mother recover from the infection, she inexplicably experienced weight gain. As it turns out, her daughter, although healthy, was overweight and thereby raises the possibility that the daughter’s bacteria in turn resulted in her mother’s weight gain following the fecal transplant therapy.

Here is an informative video about treatment with fecal transplant therapy:


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