Eating Miracle Fruit During Cancer Treatment: Add Miraculin

2011-09-28 11:59

Eating Miracle Fruit during cancer treatment is a potential solution for chemo-induced loss of taste sensation. Recent research shows that scientists now know exactly what is happening with our taste receptors when the Miracle Fruit is eaten. The Miracle Fruit is proposed by some doctors as having potential as a new food sweetener for people who are undergoing cancer treatment and can be added to a list of suggested foods for cancer patients who need a little added zest to their compromised palates.

Miracle Fruit History

The “Miracle Fruit” (Synsepalum dulcificum) is a small, cranberry-appearing West African berry commonly known by many as a miracle food that can turn the sour into the sweet. During popular “food tripping” parties, people with curious palates and a craving for new gastronomical experiences partake of the miracle fruit followed by sour foods such as lemons, limes, beer, vinegar and pickles. What they experience is described by some as the equivalent of a type of food-related psychedelic experience in which a lemon will taste like a sweet orange and a beer like a sweetened beverage. The taste of the Miracle Fruit itself is relatively “not there,” but when followed by a sour food - and to paraphrase an old commercial slogan - “It’s like your tongue is throwing a party and everyone is welcome.”