Eat Yourself Skinny with These 3 Unusual Fat Burning Foods

2014-02-17 12:36

Find out now how to raise your metabolism with a special type of noodles, nuts and spice that will help you eat yourself skinny promises Dr. Oz as he reveals his new fat burning foods.

“Now that you have the plan to triple your fat loss, I have a bonus food section here―special tricks to make your fat burn even faster,” says Dr. Oz as he reveals to viewers his supplemental fat loss plan advice on how to lose your fat fast.

Fat Burning Food #1: Aleppo Spice

“Aleppo spice is a fat burner. Aleppo spice comes from southeast Turkey…it has a little bit of sweetness to it, but it also has a kind of capsaicin that puts a kick into it,” says Dr. Oz who explains that it’s the fat burning capsaicin that does the trick by turning on about 20 different fat burning proteins in the body.

“You can continue on to burn off more calories for 30 more minutes after you have eaten this,” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that Aleppo spice can be added to almost any food—his favorite being sprinkling Aleppo spice over popcorn.

Fat Burning Food #2: Kelp Noodles

In previous episodes, Dr. Oz has promoted eating some types of seaweed as a great fat burning food. Recently, he has expanded this fat burning advice with kelp noodles as a pasta alternative.

“I want you to swap out your spaghetti for kelp,” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that 4 ounces of kelp noodles is just 6 calories compared to the 179 calories found in 4 ounces of spaghetti noodles, which is a great way to further your weight loss goals with Dr. Oz's recommended 2-week/10 pound diet plan.


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