Easy Bloat Busting Tips for Fitting Into Your Favorite Jeans by Tomorrow Morning

2014-05-21 15:11

Do you ever have those days that you can put on your favorite pair of jeans and wind up looking and feeling good, but the next day you feel like you've gained 10 pounds overnight and now cannot get into your favorite pair of jeans? Dr. Oz tells viewers that the problem is often due to belly bloat and offers these easy tips for fitting into your jeans every day.

“Do you ever feel that your bloat is so bad that you feel like you are walking around with an inner tube around your waist? Well today I’m introducing the belly bloat fix to banish belly bloat for good,” says Dr. Oz as he tells viewers about his latest belly bloat cures for a tighter and flatter tummy that makes wearing jeans feel like a pleasure rather than a punishment in the morning despite what you ate the night before.

Belly Bloat Fix #1: Alpha-Galactosidase

According to Dr. Oz, Alpha-Galactosidase is a natural enzyme in our digestive tract that helps prevent the buildup of gas after a meal—especially after eating foods that your stomach cannot fully digest like fats, heavy carbs from pasta and sugar-laden breads. However, when your body does not have enough of this enzyme, then bacteria in the gut take over to finish digesting the fats and sugars, but then wind up releasing bloat-causing gas that causes the tummy to pooch out.

If bloating is a common problem for you—especially after meals—then Dr. Oz recommends taking 1 dose of Alpha-Galactosidase in liquid or pill form before every meal to see if that puts a stop to your bloating.

Belly Bloat Fix #2: Ginger Lollipops

“Doctors give these to kids when they have upset stomachs,” says Dr. Oz. “When you are pregnant and feeling queasy, doctors give these as well.”

Dr. Oz tells viewers that ginger works great for helping to relax the intestinal tract so that gas does not buildup and result in excessive and embarrassing flatulence on top of the belly bloating.

His recommendation is to take ginger in the form of ginger lollipops, ginger chews or a ginger tea following every meal to prevent the trapping of excessive gas in the tummy.


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i suffer from bloating and always getting like menstral cramps, i'm menapausual since 2005. i been to gastrointernalogist. had stomach mri. they all come back normal. but i;m always bloating feeling unconfortable, tired, etc.... i drink more water now in the morning before i have anything to drink or eat. but still get the bloating all day long. try not dring coffee after 6pm, not eat anything. still feel the same. please bring back the show that was air on memorial day 26, 2014. so that i will be able to watch. there were very good methods of using to relief the bloating. thank you. sincerely, noelia perez