Toilet Texting Cleaning Tip: How to Wash Your Cell Phone before Dinner Time

2011-10-19 16:58

Contamination of cell phones with E. coli bacteria from toilet texting made the news this past week as scientists report that 92 percent of the cell phones in the U.K. possess bacteria on their surfaces - including the bacteria typically found in feces. One suspicion is that cell phone users are practicing the unhygienic practice referred to as “toilet texting.” Whether the majority of users are guilty of toilet texting or just plain skipping on washing their hands after their business is done, fecal matter-related E. coli poses a serious health hazard to the public. To help stop the spread of fecal bacteria here are a few simple steps for cleaning your cell phone before dinner.

Once-a-week cell phone cleaning

Once-a-week cleaning is needed to start off with a fresh phone surface and to prevent further buildup of skin oil and bacteria that coats the surface of a cell phone from normal daily use.

Step #1: Turn off your cell phone. Don latex or vinyl gloves.

Step #2: Using a drugstore quality bottle of rubbing alcohol, dilute the rubbing alcohol 1:1 with water. Straight undiluted alcohol can cause discoloration and/or printed letters to wear off.

Step #3: Wet a clean, soft cotton cloth with the diluted alcohol solution and squeeze out the excess fluid. Gently wipe the entire surface of the cell phone with the exception of the screen.

Step #4: Using either cotton swabs or a clean corner of your cotton cloth, gently work over and between the keys while ensuring that no excess liquid gets squeezed into the gaps between the keys and the cell phone casing.

Step #5: Dip a new clean, soft cotton cloth into a sparingly-soaped water solution, squeeze out the excess, and gently rub the cell phone screen clean. Do not use diluted alcohol or other cleaning agent on the screen. Some screens are plastic and will react to everything but water. The cell phone is now clean and free of bacteria.


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