Dr. Oz's Top 4 Appetite Suppressants Compared to Natural Suppressants for Fighting Belly Fat

2012-05-07 17:00
Appetite suppressants to weight loss

The most sought after appetite suppressants or weight loss drugs are those that come from a prescription pill or miracle supplement that is convenient, requires no change in diet, effective and well-tolerated by the body. For now, however, such appetite suppressants and weight loss drugs are just wishful thinking as many have more cons than pros to them.

The good news is that some common everyday foods offer natural appetite suppressant qualities that can not only help in the fight against belly fat, but also are much healthier for the body than many of the top appetite suppressants and drugs on the weight loss market.

One example of an effective drug on the weight loss market is Xenical (Orlistat) (Don't Take Xenical Without Reading This First). Xenical has been shown to be effective in weight loss through its mechanism of action as a fat blocker. Taking Xenical can block up to approximately 30% of the fat calories in your diet, which means that it prevents a significant proportion of fat from being absorbed by the body through the intestines. The unabsorbed blocked fat then passes through the system undigested and is eliminated as part of your body waste.

However, the maximum effectiveness of a weight loss drug like Xenical is dependent upon a change in diet. Studies have shown that when combined with a healthy eating plan and an exercise program, that Xenical’s effects are more pronounced.

Furthermore, one of the chief complaints of users of Xenical is that it is not well-tolerated by the body. The primary complaints include abdominal cramping, flatulence, leakage of oily stool, increased number of bowel movements, and the inability to control bowel movements.

Therefore, although effective toward weight loss, it is not well tolerated by the body with inconvenient side effects, and it does require a change in diet and lifestyle.

In fact, weight loss drugs and appetite suppressants share a number of common side effects that include:

• Increased heart rate
• Increased blood pressure
• Anxiety
• Sweating
• Constipation
• Insomnia
• Excessive thirst
• Dizziness
• Drowsiness
• Stuffy nose
• Headache
• Dry mouth

The good news is that natural appetite suppressants are easily available that although may not be as fast-acting toward weight loss as drugs and supplements, still do work over time and are much better for overall health.

The following is a summary of six natural appetite suppressants in the forms of foods that are commonly shared among health-related websites that you can bring to the kitchen and to your family in the fight against belly fat:


More often than not, slight dehydration during the day causes symptoms that are mistaken for hunger. The answer to this is to remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Some sources recommend wearing 6 rubber bands on a wrist as a reminder to drink six 8-oz glasses of water on top of whatever other fluids they may consume. With other fluids in mind, researchers have found that drinking a cup of hot green tea (Read about the benefits of tea) or a small can of vegetable juice like V-8 before a meal can do more and act quicker toward suppressing appetite than taking many supplements.


Apples are perhaps one of the most neglected natural appetite suppressant food chosen for weight loss when in fact, apples suppress appetite in a number of ways (Dieters, Think Before You Peel That Apple). For example, apples are high in soluble fiber and contain pectin—which helps the stomach feel full. Feelings of satiety before eating a meal are also aided with a low-calorie apple before a meal due to it causes you to eat slower and gives your body’s hunger signals a chance to decrease before digging into a main course. Apples are also a good way to control blood sugar levels and maintain energy levels that when low lead to overeating.

Pine Nuts and Almonds

Pine nuts possess more protein than other nuts and seeds and also possesses pinolenic acid, which can stimulate specific sensors in the brain that are responsible for telling you that you're full. Pine Nut Oil Boosts Appetite Suppressors Up To 60 Percent for 4 Hours

Another appetite suppressing nut is the almond—a rich source of Vitamin E, antioxidants and magnesium that according to The 2006 Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting has been shown to increase feelings of fullness in people and help with weight loss. Other research has proposed that almonds may also decrease the absorption of fat into the blood.


Soup or Salad—try both

If drinking water just isn’t meeting your hunger needs before a meal, nutritionists advise going the soup or salad route by trying both before dinner time. Clear, broth-based soups are a low calorie, water-dense food that are low in calories (Brief guide to Cabbage soup detox diet), but filling in the stomach. Couple that with a small leafy green salad with fiber rich vegetables will result in slowing down the absorption of sugar and at the same time suppress your degree of appetite from feeling famished to feeling less so and thereby less likely to fill up on the main courses of a dinner-time meal.

Hot spices

Spicy food is known to increase fat-burning metabolism naturally and act as an appetite suppressant by temporarily dulling the tongue’s ability to sense sweet. Some studies suggest that adding as little as half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to your dishes not only intensifies the flavor but also causes the body to burn more calories than it would without the added pepper.


Thin slices of Ginger root have been the primary ingredient in many Asian dishes for centuries due to its ability to aid digestion and increase energy—both of which lead to decreased feelings of hunger. In addition, researchers in the Netherlands have discovered that ginger has fat burning and metabolism boosting properties while animal studies in Japan report that ginger contains a compound called zingerone resulted in significant weight loss in treated mice.

Dr. Oz’s top 4 appetite suppressants

So, how did the Dr. Oz Show do in comparison between Dr. Oz’s top 4 appetite suppressants and six natural appetite suppressants gleaned from the Internet that many health sites share? Not too bad as two out of the four are common appetite suppressants found in the typical grocery store.

One of the two happens to be Dr. Oz’s favorite—pine nuts. Dr. Oz recommends a shot glass full of pine nuts right before breakfast to turn off the hunger hormones that typically rage during the first half of the day. In one study he states that subjects fed pine nuts actually ate 30% less food during the day.

Another grocery store available appetite suppressant is grape seed oil. According to Dr. Oz, 2 teaspoons of oil 2 hours before lunch will slow down the emptying in your stomach, which in turn gives digesting food more time to swell in the stomach and result in a feeling of fullness.

Dr. Oz’s remaining two top appetite suppressants fall more in the supplement category, rather than as a food. The first is Glucomanna, a Konjac plant fiber soluble derivative that works toward suppressing appetite by taking up space within your stomach. “It sucks up your hunger,” says Dr. Oz.

Glucomanna can be taken in a capsule form with a glass of water three times a day before every meal. And, it is also available in a noodle form such as Japanese shirataki noodles that can be substituted in stomach-filling pasta dishes.

The final appetite suppressant recommended by Dr. Oz is the supplement Grifonia Simplicifolia. Grifonia Simplicifolia works by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain. Increased levels of serotonin signals the body that it is full and results in an individual eating less because he or she feels less hungry. Dr. Oz recommends 200 milligrams per day of Grifonia Simplicifolia for appetite suppression.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show

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Pseudo scientific rubbish.
How would you know? What is your experience and qualification?
I personally don't think appetite suppressants are a good long term solution. What do you do, depend on them? We all need to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Eat well and move more. Eat healthier foods, such as more vegetables and enjoy better lifestyle. Don't eat when you watch TV. You don't have to take popcorn and soda drinks when you go to movies. But this is what the culture pushes you to do. You can resist that lifestyle and live healthier.
Sunflower seeds really suppress hunger too. Especially you can try them in the mid afternoon. We love sunflower seeds. They make you fill not hungry at all.
I love sunflowers too. Think of where they come from. So beautiful.
Yes indeed Kathleen, sunflowers even bring those positive thoughts of beautiful flowers. However, I still think relying on appetite suppressants is not a long term solution. Our lives have become so sedentary. How much or how long can these suppressants work? Instead, we need to exercise, eat more soups, healthy, go out, get some fresh air and get a life away from typing.
great article. cant wait to try!
Is anybody have a take on yogurt..? I eat yogurt every morning...And I was told dairy products are blocking your wt loss goals..?
Inna - I gained weight eating yogurt. There are hidden sugars in them I later found out. You have to choose carefully. Many are high in carbs too. So - Greek yogurt seems to be the best choice and read the labels for how many grams of sugar and how many calories are in them. Yes they say low fat but carbs and sugar are what thwart weight loss too.
Apples are the #1 food that makes me starving!! This just doesn't make sense.
Dessert is my best appetite suppressant.
Notice that the final, and truly effective appetite suppressant is a pill. I can vouch that citalapram does the exact same thing. I've gone off it, and my appetite has become insatiable.
Hi I get hungry every hour. Iam depressed about this and 38 yr old female. Wot is ur suggestion iam afraid they wont intetfere with hormones i mean wot u have prescribed. Iam 67 kgs and 154 cms
I have solution. For your first 3month, eat beans as your main foods. There are so many selections to buy from China town or chinesr groceries. Also avoid grain and dairy as well. And drink soy milk. You can stable hormones by consuming legumes. And eat a lot of vegetables. I stopped starches and dairy. And by this diet, lost 9kg in 3 month. Also I wasnt suffering from starves.
Has anyone tried steeped cinnamon with honey or filtered vinegar and honey for weight loss.... And how much did you lose