Dr. Oz Reveals How to Fake a Face Lift with a New Supplement

2012-11-05 12:35

“Today we’re with the people who know better than anyone how to turn back time—plastic surgeons. And today they are revealing how to fake a face lift…the secret is in this little pill called ‘phytoceramides,” says Dr. Oz as he takes viewers on yet another episode on how to cheat your age by taking a decade off your face.

Special guest Leif Rogers, MD and plastic surgeon explains that ceramides are something that we lose in our skin as we age and that it is responsible for helping keep the skin moisturized and plumped up when we are younger. The ceramide replacement therapy he recommends for patients wanting to look younger is available for consumers in a plant-derived formulation known as “phytoceramides” in skin care products.

“Ceramides have been in topical solutions for many years,” say Dr. Rogers. “And the oral forms have been available in Asia and Japan for quite a number of years. Just recently, the FDA has approved of phytoceramides.”

Dr. Oz explains that how phytoceramides works is that the active component of the pill enters the bloodstream and makes its way from inside the body, through the newer layers of skin to the older top layers where the skin is damaged with small breaks between skin cells. The phytoceramides work their magic by binding the older skin cells together more tightly like they used to be when the skin was younger. The result of the skin cells adhering more tightly to each other is that it prevents excessive loss of moisture from the skin barrier, making the skin plumper and less dry, which in turns makes wrinkles disappear.

Dr. Rogers states that it will take about 4 weeks of taking phytoceramides before a user will begin to notice a difference in their skin and a lessening of wrinkles.


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You recommend 350mg per day. Is that from rice or from wheat?
What about FDA ... they recommended or not .
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