Dr. Oz Discusses the 4 Vitamins Every Woman Over 35 Needs Today

2012-11-09 10:55

“I am revealing the 4 vitamin essentials every woman needs to take starting today,” says Dr. Oz as he points out the results of a recent survey of his audience that revealed that the majority of women do not know what vitamins should be taken or how they should be taken.

“Seventy-four percent of you, that’s almost three-quarters of you, are not sure what vitamins you really need,” says Dr. Oz.

The first vitamin Dr. Oz recommends as essential to the health of women over 35 is one he claims that is an anti-ager, boosts immunity and will help toward weight loss—a multivitamin pill. He states he believes that up to 90 percent of the population is not getting the vitamins they need through a healthy diet alone; therefore, multi-vitamins are essential toward meeting the nutritional needs of the body.

Dr. Oz stresses that the most important components of a multivitamin are the A, B, C, D and E vitamins.

However, how much taken of each plays an important factor in health, he says stating that you should only take 100 percent of the recommended daily value of a vitamin and not multivitamins that list each vitamin as being 200 percent of the recommended daily value, which many supplement sources advertise.

“More is not always better…because if you take more, these things can actually turn against you,” says Dr. Oz. “And, you gotta take it the right way—which means take half of it in the morning and half in the evening. Otherwise, especially things such as those B vitamins are out your body in a couple of hours and you won’t have that stable amount of vitamin all day long.”

The second essential vitamin Dr. Oz recommends is calcium due to that after age 35 a woman’s hormone levels begin to change and her bones begin to weaken.


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with the vitamins recommended, which vitamins do you take in the day (and how much)and which do you take at night? what's the correct balance?Thank you.
I really need your advice on how and when to take the vitamin