Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Medical Food Philosophy Supported by Recent American Heart Study

Sep 20 2012 - 11:08am
Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Medical Food Philosophy

Dr. Oz’s special guest Dr. Joel Fuhrman recently appeared on the Dr. Oz Show with his “food as medicine” philosophy where he believes that a nutrient-dense diet plan will help you lose weight, prevent disease, feel younger and remove you from your dependence on prescription medications. Supporting his philosophy is an announcement this week by the American Heart Association about a study that demonstrates that a blend of sesame and rice bran oil for cooking significantly lowers high blood pressure and bad cholesterol - possibly enough to allow many to stop taking their blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering medications.

The notion that foods can replace prescription meds is a controversial one that Dr. Fuhrman believes is not a form of alternative medicine, but one of progressive medicine.

He explains to Dr. Oz and his viewers that a nutrient-rich diet and lifestyle is what our bodies really need to ward off disease and obesity. Medical conditions that he says we needlessly take prescription meds for include high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, allergies and pain. Furthermore, he points out that not only do these meds not solve the medical problem, but often make things worse such as weight gain with some diabetes medications.

“Medications give people the false sense that they are taking care of themselves. It lowers their blood pressure, but the process of the hardening of the arteries can easily advance and you will need more medication. In other words, what I am saying here is that medications function like permission slips to enable people to continue their diet styles that which during the course of disease inevitably causes it to advance…and that’s why we have a health care crisis—because people are overly reliant on their medications,” says Dr. Fuhrman.

Dr. Oz Weight Loss Guest Expert Joel Fuhrman About Weight Watchers

As it turns out, recent research is showing that there is scientific support for Dr. Fuhrman’s philosophy. An abstract reportedly titled “Sesame and rice bran oil lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol” was presented at the American Heart Association’s High Blood Pressure Research 2012 Scientific Sessions in Washington DC and announces these highlighted findings:

• A blend of sesame and rice bran oil reduced blood pressure almost as well as a common medication.
• Those who used a combination of both the oil and medication had more than twice the drop in blood pressure compared to either the group taking medication alone, or those only supplementing their diet with the oil blend.

According to a press release issued by the American Heart Association the results are encouraging news for patients with high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels at risk of heart disease.

“Rice bran oil, like sesame oil, is low in saturated fat and appears to improve a patient’s cholesterol profile,” said Devarajan Sankar, M.D, Ph.D., a research scientist in the Department of Cardiovascular Disease at Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital in Chikushino, Japan. “Additionally, it may reduce heart disease risk in other ways, including being a substitute for less healthy oils and fats in the diet.”

The startling results are from a 60-day study where 300 participants consisting of an approximately equal number of men and women at an average age of 57 with mild to moderately high blood pressure were divided into 3 test groups:

• Group one was treated with a common blood pressure lowering med.
• Group two was treated with the 1 ounce daily of sesame/rice bran oil blend in their food.
• Group three was treated with first group’s blood pressure medication in combination with group 2’s cooking oil.



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