7 Tips on How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain after Having Lost Weight

2011-12-17 14:19

Avoiding holiday weight gain is almost as an impossible of a task as avoiding unpleasant relatives during the holiday season. However, unlike your relatives, you can choose your foods and snacks. To empower your choices this holiday season, the Calorie Control Council offers these 7 tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain in 2011.

Weight gain while on a diet is especially problematic during the holidays: Multiple dinner parties, office parties and kids’ parties, as well as gifts of chocolate, cakes, cookies and pastries - it’s like the World is against any notion of you losing just a few more pounds before the New Year.

However, maybe the notion of losing those few more pounds during the holidays is as crazy as the notion of not sticking with your diet. Perhaps a more realistic notion is to maintain the weight loss you have achieved thus far until the holiday food madness has passed. In other words, don’t give up on your diet and binge in surrender; rather, maintain your weight loss victories by making sure that you do not regain the lost weight.

According to Beth Hubrich, a registered dietitian with the Calorie Control Council, “By making simple substitutions, being physically active and eating smarter, you can enjoy the holidays without weight gain. The trick is to budget calories, keep portion sizes in check and remember that fruits and vegetables can fill you up without extra calories."

The Calorie Control Council recommends the following 7 tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain:

1. Exercise: There are a number of ways to be active including keeping track of steps per day with holiday shopping, ice skating, playing active video games, decorating, lawn work, and house cleaning. Exercise not only burns calories but also releases endorphins that help reduce stress and keep people in good spirits.


2. Fuel Up before Heading Out: Try to have a healthy snack before leaving the house—whether going shopping or to dinner. Never go anywhere famished—it can lead to overindulgence and diet derailing.


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