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Pain Relief

Relieve Chronic Pain Naturally with Corydalis Yanhusuo

2016-09-16 15:51

Chronic pain, including chronic neuropathic pain, is poorly and often inadequately treated by conventional medicine. Yet for centuries, there has been a way to relieve chronic pain naturally with corydalis yanhusuo, a flowering herb that has been studied in recent years, including a new report.

What is corydalis yanhusuo?

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Pain can often be treated effectively with natural remedies

2016-09-03 08:18

A new U.S. study has reviewed trial results on complementary health approaches for pain relief and has determined complementary health approaches often appear effective for helping to manage many pain conditions.

Pain is a very debilitating condition which often leads to treatment with drugs that cause even more problems due lack of effectiveness and side effects issues.

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Using St. John’s wort as a fibromyalgia natural treatment

2016-08-19 16:07

Are you struggling with fibromyalgia and wondering if St. John’s wort can help you?

St. John’s wort is a popular herb that has medicinal qualities and has been used as a natural remedy. Fibromyalgia patients share that this herb may help reduce depression and improve sleep.

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Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Panadol, Excedrin) #8 on the Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs List

2015-10-27 08:53

Acetaminophen is marketed as an effective painkiller that is safer than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin or ibuprofen, which are associated with more complaints of stomach discomfort or bleeding. However, because acetaminophen and products containing that drug are available over-the-counter, a common misconception is that they are not dangerous. For some people, even going slightly over the recommended amount can cause acute liver failure or kidney failure - conditions that can have deadly consequences.

Unfortunately, this hit all too close to home. In 2012, a good friend of mine went to the doctor for what he thought was back strain. He was prescribed Tylenol 3.

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How To Curb the Chronic Pain Epidemic With Exponential Technology

2015-10-02 16:31

As a physician anesthesiologist and pharmacist, it can be challenging to treat patients living with a chronic pain diagnosis. For most people, pain is temporary and can resolve quickly. But for more than 100 million Americans, there is no end to pain. Chronic pain can be debilitating and oftentimes varies from being broad or focused, dull or sharp, distracting or excruciating.

So many factors increase the likelihood of experiencing chronic pain, especially if you are older or female. In general, women report having more pain than men.

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Chronic fatigue syndrome a physical illness, not psychological

2015-02-28 15:06

Researchers have found an immune system signature that is present in people who have been newly diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), providing "robust evidence" that the disease has a biological basis.

Led by Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, the researchers looked at the immune systems of 298 patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and 348 people without the disease

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Zohydro: Potent painkiller stirs debate over abuse vs. pain relief

2014-04-07 13:43

When it comes to fighting heroin and the abuse of prescription medications, a potent new painkiller is stirring a debate that has one side fighting to protect the rights of chronic pain patients and the other side trying to fight the war on drugs.

At the center of the controversy is a new class of drugs that includes Zohydro, which was approved by the

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10 habits that may be causing your neck and shoulder pain

2014-04-05 17:07

The neck and shoulder areas are one of the most used parts of your body. The overuse and improper support of the muscles in this region can have an impact in more ways than one. Read on to see how to recognize what you may be doing wrong and how to improve get back on track.

The neck and shoulder areas are one of the most used parts of your body. The overuse and improper support of the muscles in this region can have an impact in more ways than one.

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Will animal toxins hold the key for pain relief?

2014-04-02 21:01

Pharmaceutical companies are always researching to find the new and improved pain medication. Often times it is within nature where they look for answers. Perhaps the next great break through will come from a little frog from Equador, a sea snail from the Pacific or a deadly spider from Australia.

It is not so farfetched of an idea to look at nature for pain relief.

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