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Get enough of this if you want to improve memory for up to 28 years

2015-01-26 12:59
Getting quality sleep when your young can boost memory when you're old

If you want to boost your memory and learning skills as you age, a new study suggests that maintaining good quality sleep when you're younger can result in better cognitive functioning for up to 28 years as you age.

A new study suggests that getting enough quality sleep when you’re younger results in a better memory when you’re older.

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Why your heart wants you to turn that frown upside down

2015-01-11 15:46
Optimism leads to better heart health

Researchers have published findings that optimistic people have better heart health compared to pessimists. Turning your frown upside down just might help you live longer.

Scientists at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne found the association between heart health and being update when they studied the association among 5100 adults.

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What should childhood cancer survivors do to give themselves a better chance

2014-07-29 20:28
Adhering to a healthy active lifestyle

There have been dramatic advances in the treatment of many childhood cancers which often makes long term survival and even cures possible. But in order to give themselves a better chance at having a healthy heart later in life survivors of childhood cancer should always remember to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

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A new study shows no heart health benefit from drinking alcohol

2014-07-11 11:18
Drinking alcohol

Over the years there has been a great deal of enthusiasm among people who enjoy drinking alcohol about reports saying drinking in light to moderate amounts had been found to be good for your cardiovascular health. However, new research shows that drinking even light or moderate amounts of alcohol has no benefits for heart health.

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A tomato pill may help improve heart health

2014-06-13 08:37
Delicious, nutritious tomatoes

There has been a great deal of interest in the positive health value of tomatoes. Most of the interest has centered around the apparent association between eating tomatoes and a decreased incidence of various types of cancer. It is believed a substance called lycopene in tomatoes is responsible for this beneficial health effect. New research has found this substance also promotes the health of your blood vessels which is good for your cardiovascular health.

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