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Rewarding relationships important for healthy aging: How loneliness harms health

2014-02-19 13:50
Loneliness boosts the chances of dying prematurely

Psychologists who have beens studying loneliness and its effect on health with aging estimate a 14 percent higher chances of premature death for older adults who feel socially isolated. The potential impact on the baby boomer population makes the finding important.

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Cognitive training significantly improves mental functioning

2014-02-08 14:28
Cognitive training significantly improves mental functioning in older adults.

As people age, they often experience a decline in their mental functioning, but new research shows that a brief course of cognitive strength training can improve an older adult’s ability to reason and increase their processing speed for up to 10 years.

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Testosterone doubles heart attack risk in some men

2014-01-30 15:21
New study confirms testosterone treatment boosts risk of heart attack in men.

Low-T? By now, you’ve likely seen the plethora of ads promoting testosterone therapy for men to boost sex drive – and while it may help in the bedroom, it may also send you to the emergency room, according to a new study confirming the male hormone may double the risk of heart attack in some men.

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Worried About Aging: Try More Exercise

2013-11-27 11:19
An elderly couple taking a walk

As aging sets in there are deepening concerns about how to maintain the best health possible. Good nutrition is of course of vital importance. More and more people are cutting out junk food and adhering to a healthy diet to help them maintain good health as they age. Adequate relaxation and sleep is also of vital importance to help you age well. New research shows that physical activity is also of paramount importance in helping you to age well.

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Which Single Habit Has You Living Longer?

2013-11-14 07:03
Happy Baby Boomers

For Baby Boomers of the modern age, the need to find an immortality serum becomes more important, feeling the years weighing down on their shoulder the older they get. If you belong to this group, it might interest you to know that one simple behavior change can lengthen your life my many years.

Whether you are a social butterfly or an old maid with only a dozen cats for company who doesn't even see the old grouch living next door, you most definitely want to live your life.

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Love in the Time of Baby Boomers

2013-11-13 03:37
Elderly Love

The heart grows fonder as the years grow longer for the elderly population of the modern world known as Baby Boomers, where internet dating is common practice and love among the older populations is no longer considered a strange or taboo topic. After all, Golden Girls and Boys need no less romance in their lives than the youngsters who proudly strut around with their lovers on their arms. Falling in love, no matter the age, sparks up the brain.

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