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Gels For Mouth Ulcer Recalled

2009-05-20 12:59
Gels For Mouth Ulcer Recalled

A spokesman for the Hong Kong Department of Health said that Prowin Laboratories Ltd had initiated a voluntary recall of two batches of gels for mouth ulcer.

The spokesman said the recall was made after Prowin Laboratories Ltd reported to DH today that two products, Jalogel-1 Gel (batch number LX0699) and Jelaplexin Gel (batch number JW1969), had failed the limit level of bacteria and moulds in a recent review by the company. However, no pathogen was found.

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Dental Researchers Target Osteoporosis, Periodontitis

2009-05-19 11:19

Osteoporosis and periodontitis are common diseases whose sufferers must cope with weakness, injury and reduced function as they lose bone more quickly than it is formed. While the mechanism of bone destruction in these diseases is understood, scientists have had less information about how bone formation is impaired.

Now, researchers at the UCLA School of Dentistry, working with scientists at the University of Michigan and the University of California, San Diego, have identified a potential new focus of treatments for osteoporosis, periodontitis and similar diseases.

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Baltimore County Announces Dental Care Program For Seniors

2009-05-08 11:58

Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith announced the partnership between The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) and the Baltimore County Department of Aging that offers free preventative dental care for qualifying seniors.

Free Dental Screenings Available

The School of Health Professionals’ Dental Hygiene Program on the Dundalk campus offers Senior Smiles, a program for senior citizens without dental insurance. Individuals over the age of 60 can receive free screenings, cleanings, and fluoride treatments.

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No Clear Winner Among Fillings For Childhood Cavities

2009-04-29 12:47

So far, there is a not a clear winner among the types of fillings used to repair childhood cavities, according to a new review.

In fact, there are so few useful studies on the topic that there is not enough evidence “to make any recommendations about which filling material to use,” said Veerasamy Yengopal, who led the review.

Yengopal, an oral health expert at South Africa’s University of Witswatersrand, said it was “disappointing” that there have been few comparisons of dental fillings for children, given “remarkable advances in dental restorative materials over the last 10 years.”

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Gene Network Identified In Early Tooth Development

2009-04-10 12:34
Gene Network Identified In Early Tooth Development

Darwin had his finches, Morgan had his fruit flies, and scientists today have cichlid fishes to trace the biological origins of jaws and teeth. In this week's issue of the journal PLoS Biology, researchers supported by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, part of the National Institutes of Health, report they have deduced a network of dental genes in cichlids that likely was present to build the first tooth some half a billion years ago.

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Have Your Say In NHS Dentistry Review

2009-04-09 12:26

Dentists and their teams from across the country are being asked to share their views on how to improve access and quality of NHS dentistry at a series of engagement events this spring, Professor Jimmy Steele, chair of the independent review team for NHS dentistry, announced today.

Since its appointment in December 2008, the review team has been investigating why there are variations in access to dentistry in England and how the NHS can deliver continuous improvements in the quality of care.

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What's Going On Around Your Teeth

2009-04-02 10:22

"What do you KNOW about your PERIO?" The Middlesex-London Health Unit and the London and District Dental Society hope the local community considers that question over the next 30 days and beyond. Perio refers to periodontal health and the periodontal tissues: the gums, the jawbone and the fibers that connect the teeth to the bone. The agencies launched their Top Gums campaign today, coinciding with the kick off of Oral Health Month, to raise awareness of an often-overlooked component of oral health.

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Free Dental Services For Niagara Children

2009-03-30 09:58

In celebration of April 2009 being National Dental Health Month, Niagara Region Public Health is pleased to announce the expansion of the Children in Need of Treatment (CINOT) Program which now reaches children up to age 17. The program previously covered children from birth to age 13.

The Children in Need of Treatment program, funded by the Ministry of Health Promotion, provides free dental services to children whose parents have no dental coverage and cannot afford the cost of urgent dental care.

The Children in Need of Treatment program includes dental care services such as:

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