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Why Should This Natural Oral Hygiene Gift Idea Be Important On Your Christmas Gift List

2016-12-05 17:21

Millions of people will be shopping this holiday season, going to parties, decorating their homes, and even making plans for the new year that will be here before they know it. One thing most people probably won’t give much thought to, but should, is their teeth. The holiday season can be a difficult time for one’s teeth, due to the increased stress levels and overload of sweets being consumed, but it can also be a perfect time for choosing an oral hygiene renewal.

“People are focused on gifts at this time of the year,” explains Dr. Bruno Sharp, a fourth-generation dentist who created a line of products called Dr.

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Are You Taking Better Care of Your Teeth This Winter?

2016-11-25 17:24

The cold seasons can strain your oral health not just because of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but also because you eat more frequently during the winter. Here are some tips you should keep in mind.

According to NPR, you start craving more food in the fall and winter.

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Don't Let Halloween Leftovers Ruin Your Children's Teeth! Here Are Four Ways to Protect Your Children's Oral Health

2016-11-01 14:37

Halloween is over, but your children are still at higher risk of developing cavities. Here's how you can protect their teeth and boost their oral health.

Another exhausting night of Halloween is over and you'd be happy if you'd never see another piece of candy again for a week or longer. But sadly that's far from the case.

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Put this paste on your toothbrush to lower heart, stroke risks

2016-10-24 16:00

Making an investment in a new toothpaste could literally save your life, according to a new report. Switching to Plaque HD toothpaste was shown in a first study to lower inflammation in the body.

Plaque reducing, life saving toothpaste a good heart health investment

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The juice trap: 5 healthy foods that are ruining your teeth

2015-06-30 19:02

As more people make an effort to eat healthier, they are making juice diets, nuts and supplements more popular. However, did you know that some of these healthy favorites can be dangerous for your teeth? Many foods that contribute to overall health can turn into dental nightmares. The following five popular healthy items can harm your teeth.

1. Juice

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Common dental procedures essential for oral health

2015-06-25 18:19

Oral health affects your overall wellness and has been linked to several medical conditions. It is important to understand common dental procedures and how they affect your general health. Education is a powerful tool that helps patients reduce their fear and anxiety.

Fillings and repairs

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Foods to Eat for a Happy, Healthy Mouth

2014-09-24 07:00

Mouth health is one of the first things a person notices about another. Bad breath, stained teeth, and visible cavities can all make or break a mouth’s first impression on a new friend. And after a long day of work or a busy day running errands, it’s easy for the condition of your mouth to deteriorate to “dumpster” status.

Fortunately for you, and for whomever finds themselves in close proximity to your chompers, there are several food selections you can make to ensure your mouth stays clean enough to prevent bad bre

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