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Fruit Salad Combination Can Improve Health and Reduce Obesity

2016-05-27 15:06

Having a salad for lunch today? Be sure to include these two fruits as the combination may be especially good for your health.

Researchers in the UK have found that a compound found in red grapes and a compound found in oranges worked especially well together to improve the health of people with diabetes and reduce the ris

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Paulding Just Released This Delicious Summer Poached Pear Recipe

2016-05-19 15:27

For any upcoming summer dessert recipes please consider these poached pears with chocolate sauce. They really look good.

Peel the pears. Gently remove the core from the bottom with a corer or paring knife. Cut a thin slice from the bottom of each, so they stand. Place pears in the pan, stem end up.

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13 Peppermint Oil Uses to Reduce Pain, Give you Energy, Relieve Allergies, and More

2016-05-17 20:54

Peppermint oil is a fantastic essential oil to begin using right away. There is a plethora of uses for it, and you will be shocked at how many ways it can help you. There is basically no reason not to try peppermint oil because it is 100% natural and has no side effects. The more you can use natural home remedies the more your body will thank you in the long run.

Peppermint oil exists alongside similar oils such as hemp oil and avocado oil, and all thre

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The Simple Secret To Losing Weight and Keeping It off with Right Nutrition

2016-05-16 12:31

Every day I hear someone ask me, “How can I lose weight quickly?” The truth is, weight loss is a constant struggle with both men and women. According to the CDC, 37.9 perfect of adults age 20 years and over are obese and 70.7 perfect are overweight. To achieve permanent weight loss that sticks, it’s important to do it slow and in an intelligent manner. Many key factors include: paying attention to your biochemistry, your food preferences and of course genetics.

First piece of advice: stop dieting, change your eating habits permanently. Practice mindful eating. Experience the food you are eating.

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Burger Study from Clear Labs Reveals Calorie Count Coverup

2016-05-10 19:42

When Clear Labs released its new extensive analysis of 258 hamburger meat samples from 22 retailers and 79 brands, 13.6 percent had some type of quality problem. Among those problems was a calorie count coverup.

I am not saying that some of the other findings of the study are not worrisome. For example, rat DNA was found in three samples, 4.3 percent of burgers showed germ contamination (including E.

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Coconut Oil Might Just Be The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

2016-05-06 19:26

Watch out water, coconut oil might have just overtaken you for the best way to lose weight. While the benefits of water are very widely known (and indeed of the best ways to start losing weight is to drink more water) coconut oil is more than just a new fad. It is one of the best ways to start losing weight right now, and adding it into your diet is crucial.

In this article I will give you 4 reasons why you should have more coconut oil, and 7 practical ways to add it into your daily regimen.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Linking High-fat Diet and Obesity to Increased Cancer Risk

2016-03-03 13:44

Many studies over several years have linked excess weight with an increase in a number of cancers, including colon cancer. Aside from not smoking, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important lifestyle changes you can make today to reduce your risk of cancer.

Researchers from many institutions have tried to focus in on the most important diet components that will help you achieve both a healthy weight and lowered cancer risk.

Semir Beyaz, Ömer H. Yilmaz et al. High-fat diet enhances stemness and tumorigenicity of intestinal progenitors. Nature, 2016; 531 (7592): 53 DOI: 10.1038/nature17173
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When Family Asks a Vegan Dieter to give Up Being a Vegan Just For the Trip

2016-03-02 20:24

2015 Vegan statistics show that 6 percent of US population is vegan. This means about 19.3 million people are vegan according to 2014 US population data. What happens when these people go on the road and make interstate trips? This creates issues in some families who sometimes ask their family members to give up being a vegan just for the trip.

"I am going out of town with my family next week to Iowa, but as we were planning things together food became a bit of a battle.

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What You Eat Affects Your Sleep

2016-01-16 11:06

If you want a good night’s sleep, pay more attention to what you eat. A new study explains how what you eat affects your sleep, which means you could be resting more peacefully by changing your eating habits.

One of the most interesting and surprising findings by the research team at Columbia University Medical Center in New York was that just one day of eating more of certain foods could have an impact

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