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Affordable Health Insurance

The Affordable is Neither as Great as You Think, Nor as Awful as You Think

2014-07-24 12:21
Affordable Health Care Act

This in-dept story about the Affordable Health Care Act discusses where people have been helped in terms of finding affordable health insurance and where people have bee hurt. It provides facts and allows the reader to formulate his or her own opinion.

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Update: Courts play 'ping-pong' with Obamacare subsidies

2014-07-22 12:46
What this federal court ruling means to millions who could lose their health care

The Federal court ruled today that millions should be ineligible for low-income health insurance subsidy. In an effort to stomp out Obamacare, the court said the IRS has misinterpreted the language of the Affordable Health Care Act, ruling that they cannot offer low-income subsidies.

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This Box May Cause Cancellation of Your Health Insurance Plan

2014-07-08 14:40
Patient and health insurance coverage

It’s been three months since I signed up for health insurance on the exchange under the ACA. I have not received my plan materials. I’ve checked the mail everyday anxiously waiting for an invoice, a card, or a brochure. Nothing ever came. I wondered what’s going on. Am I covered?

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How to use your high deductible health insurance plan when you feel you can’t afford it

2014-07-01 11:25
Making High Deductible Health Insurance Affordable

So you finished purchasing you health insurance plan. Are you afraid to use it because you feel your deductible is too high? If you chose the cheapest high deductible plan because it was all you could afford here are a few tips you can use that may help you save money.

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Does Your Health Insurance Deductible Scare You? Choose With Co-Pay

2014-06-16 15:41
Health insurance deductible

Why should I pay a premium for health insurance if I have to pay a deductible before I can use it? This is the complaint I would most often hear while helping people to signup for health insurance. Many people who have never had health insurance also do not understand it’s value and how it can work for them.

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The making of an agent-friendly portal for health insurance agents

2014-06-09 17:22
Health Insurance Portal

When the first open enrollment period was drawing near many health insurance agents were wondering if we would have a role in the sign up process. Less than two months before the beginning of open enrollment we were scrambling to get ready, attending meetings, completing training and getting appointed with all of the carriers on the exchange.

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Free services you may not know about from your health insurance plan

2014-05-05 11:16
Does your health insurance plan offer free services that you might not know about?

Most people don't take advantage of value added services that are free with their health insurance. Unless you take time to read all of your health insurance information you're likely to miss out on some benefits that most companies offer that can help defer the cost sharing associated with co-payments and your insurance premium. Here are ten value added services worth knowing about that may be included in your health insurance coverage that are free.

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