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Affordable Health Insurance

Health Insurance Agents Turning To Web Brokers For Assistance

2014-10-27 18:58
Health Insurance Agent

The health insurance open enrollment period November 15th is just around the corner. Although many agents are anxious to get started many of us are not quick to forget the frustrations we faced last year. A website that did not work, not being given the tools we needed to work effectively with our clients, and not to mention slow or no commissions for many agents.

This year many health insurance agents are turning to Web Brokers for assistance. Why?

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Health Insurance Commissions: Is It A Dirty Word?

2014-10-22 23:45
Health Insurance Commissions

I was reading an article on entitled “Insurance Agents Feeling Left Out Of Obamacare” and ran across a statement by Richard Stark who is also an insurance agent. He stated, “They basically didn’t want to work with insurance agents because they felt agents were going to steer a customer toward (a plan) where they think they will make the most money.”

Another article I read from by Claire McAndrew and Erin Snyder entitled “Consumer Protections For Web Brokers That Participate In The Health Insurance Marketplace”, made the followi

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Bad Idea To Require Clients' SSN To Connect Them To Insurance Agent

2014-10-22 23:25
Health Insurance Agents

During the last open enrollment season, while working on the healthcare exchanges, many health insurance agents experienced the frustration of having their National Producer Numbers (NPN) and Federally Facilitated Marketplace Identification Numbers (FFM ID) deleted from their clients applications.

The process of reconnecting the health insurance agent with their clients' application was a difficult one though not impossible.

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Agents and Brokers Left Out Of Healthcare Marketplace: Assisters Survey

2014-09-25 10:53
Health Insurance Marketplace

There was a survey that was taken of all of the groups that assisted consumers during the first health insurance open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act or ACA. The only group that was left out were health insurance agents and brokers. The results of the survey were presented on C-span on August 5th 2014, under the title “Health Insurance Navigators and Brokers”. I found the discussion to be both enlightening and disappointing.

The first person to speak was Jennifer Tolbert from Kaiser Family Foundation.

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How Does Obamacare Work For Individuals?

2014-08-25 20:31
Obamacare for individuals

Many people are unaware that tax credits exist for purchasing health insurance and thus making it affordable.

Many people that are aware of the health insurance tax credits are afraid that their taxes are going to be effective. That is not true for most people. So what is a tax credit?

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5 Facts You Need to Know About Supplemental Insurance

2014-08-18 17:25
Supplemental Health Insurance

Unexpected accidents and illnesses happen to everyone at one time or another. When they do, the resulting costs can leave you and your family vulnerable to out-of-pocket expenses that can often significantly deplete emergency funds and savings accounts.

While major health insurance plans through an employer, affordable healthcare act, private health or Medicare may cover a good percentage of medical expenses incurred due to injury or illness, they

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7 Tips To Lower Your Total Out Of Pocket Health Insurance Cost

2014-08-05 17:14
Health Insurance Cost Planning

If you purchased a high deductible health insurance policy you may wonder how can you lower you total out of pocket exposure. High deductible plans can be a blessing or a curse if you do not know how to use them. Here are - tips to help you get the most out of your policy.

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The Affordable is Neither as Great as You Think, Nor as Awful as You Think

2014-07-24 12:21
Affordable Health Care Act

This in-dept story about the Affordable Health Care Act discusses where people have been helped in terms of finding affordable health insurance and where people have bee hurt. It provides facts and allows the reader to formulate his or her own opinion.

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Update: Courts play 'ping-pong' with Obamacare subsidies

2014-07-22 12:46
What this federal court ruling means to millions who could lose their health care

The Federal court ruled today that millions should be ineligible for low-income health insurance subsidy. In an effort to stomp out Obamacare, the court said the IRS has misinterpreted the language of the Affordable Health Care Act, ruling that they cannot offer low-income subsidies.

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