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Obamacare fails to gain support of American public

2014-03-28 12:53
Support for health care law has dropped significantly

New survey reveals a significant drop in support for Obama's health law.

Americans are not supporting President Obama’s health care law, according to a new poll that shows public support for Obamacare has nose-dived to its lowest point since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

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Health insurance coverage extended for those in high-risk pools

2014-01-15 14:56
Coverage under Obamacare being extended to people in high-risk pools

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced Tuesday that coverage will be extended for the tens of thousands of people enrolled in high-risk insurance pools due to a history of serious illness and disease.

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Government officials confirm Obamacare isn't attracting many young people

2014-01-14 13:22
Not many young adults are signing up for Obamacare like the President hoped.

Government officials confirmed yesterday that of the more than 2 million people who’ve signed up for an insurance plan on the Obamacare website, the majority are middle-aged adults looking for subsidies – not young adults, like the White House administration wanted to enroll in order to keep the cost of coverage down for everyone.

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Autism Insurance Coverage in the Workplace: Companies That Give You the Extra Help

2013-12-19 20:00
Autism Insurance Coverage

Working while being a parent is hard enough without the added expenses of an autistic child at home, his or her therapies, doctor visits and problems with finding the proper day care that could be countered with the existence of autism-specific health insurance. Certain companies have now joined hands with parents like you who require the extra funding.

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Hidden costs to look for when shopping for health insurance

2013-12-10 16:50
Low premiums typically mean high deductibles on plans offered at

Now that the Obama website is back up and at least working better for some people, it’s important to know about the hidden costs of health insurance if you’re planning to shop for a plan at the online marketplace at

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