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The Three-Way Call: The Biggest Time Waster for FFM Agents

2015-10-09 12:34
Health Insurance Agents

It’s funny how the Federally Facilitated Marketplace is connected with all the government agencies and can verify information such as income, immigration status and many other things. CMS has an authorized list of agents and health insurance brokers who are certified to sell insurance using the Marketplace. Despite this fact they still force agents to do a three-way call with their client on the phone in order to be able to provide assistance.

Why is this a problem?

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use An Agent To Purchase Health Insurance

2015-10-09 12:30
Health Insurance Agent

Since the Affordable Care Act began there has not been a lot of engagement with insurance agents. When they are mentioned they are most often portrayed as commission hungry vultures looking for victims to put in any insurance plan that that will benefit them the most monetarily. While that is the opinion of many it’s not reality.

There are many factors that an agent has to consider before recommending an insurance plan to a consumer. Are the client’s doctors and medications in the plan?

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Alternatives and ways to save on health insurance in 2016

2015-10-09 12:00
Save on health insurance

Health insurance is too expensive. Why should I pay for a service that I do not even use? Is there any way I can bypass Obamacare and not have to pay the penalty? Are there any alternatives?
These are questions and concerns that many people have had. True when you compare health insurance to other types of insurance it is expensive. What most people do not realize is it is much less expensive that the cost of a hospital stay. Today with the Affordable Care Act in place many people are eligible to receive help paying their premiums. If you qualify and do not mind your health insurance being tied to your taxes, which has been problematic for some, by all means apply using the Health Insurance Marketplace in your state.

Why should you pay for a service that you do not even use? One example is we all pay into the social security system.

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2 New Gifts From The Feds For Health Insurance Agents On The Exchange

2015-10-08 12:12
Health Insurance Agents

The health insurance exchanges have now been in operation for two years and is about to begin its third season in less than two months. For agents working on the Federal Exchange Things will be a little different this year. Only time will tell if these changes will turn into a blessing or a curse.

1. FFM agents now have four options to get their training to be certified to sell health insurance on the federal exchange. They can go directly with CMS Enterprise Portal. This course is free.

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Employers to face health insurance challenges in 2016

2015-05-25 14:46
Health care insurance costs to trend upward in 2016

Results of a new survey suggests large employers will face more health insurance challenges in 2016 from surging health care premiums.

The Spring Healthcare Trend Survey from Wells Fargo Insurance, part of Wells Fargo & Co., could make it diffic

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Six things you must know about your Medicare Advantage Plan

2015-05-20 21:33
Taking charge of your health means knowing what your Medicare Advantage plan covers

What don’t you know about your own Medicare supplement that can end up costing you or helping you in the long-run? Here are six things you need to know about your Medicare Advantage health plan that surprisingly few people take time to explore.

It is surprising how many Medicare Advantage plan members know little about their health insurance coverage and benefits.

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Kaiser Cancelled Me But My Payments Are Up To Date

2015-04-23 10:23
Health care coverage

I have been certified to work with the health insurance exchanges for two years in both Maryland and the state of Virginia. I have signed people up with 4 of the major companies in our area over the course of the past 2 years. I’ve had good and bad experiences with resolving client issues. This article will highlight a problem that I have found with one of the major companies in my area.

The goal of this article is not to criticize the company but to inform the public of an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed.

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Why I will not purchase health insurance through the exchange

2015-04-03 17:32

Health insurance open enrollment is over. Maybe? For the most part assisting people to sign up for insurance went smoothly except for a few problem cases and system glitches. Overall helping others attempt to solve their issues with the exchanges helped me to make the above decision not to purchase my health insurance through the exchange.

I did sign up for a plan this year but terminated it when my health insurance company informed me that we can keep our plans until September 2017.

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My Experience of Using a Health Insurance Web Broker Site

2015-04-03 17:28

Last year was really difficult for many health insurance agents that enrolled consumers using the infamous Although the site was much improved this year I decided well in advance to use a web broker portal to do my exchange enrollments this year.

What attracted me to the idea of using a web broker portal was being able to track all of my business in one place.

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Latest News: No Longer Uses Call ID Numbers

2015-04-03 17:15

Last year whenever I called the Federal Exchange on behalf of a client the Customer Service Representative (CSR) after listening to what the problem was, always said, “I can help you but before we continue let me give you the reference number for the call." This year they did not give reference numbers for the calls.

In many instances when I called back about the same issue there were no notes recorded on the case which lead to a lot of repetition.

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