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Could sweet potato waste water be the next weight loss hack?

2016-12-07 12:07

Researchers have learned something new about sweet potato water that could help humans with weight loss and more.

Scientists found sweet potato water that we all pour down the drain helped mice lose weight.

Sweet potato peptide potential for obesity

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Can An App Make You Eat More Vegetables and Lose Weight?

2016-06-13 18:17

It seems there is an app for just about everything today, including scores of apps for weight loss. What do you think about an app that may help you eat more vegetables and lose weight?

That’s a question a team at Stanford University School of Medicine decided to tackle with a small group of overweight adults.

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Are Most Weight Loss Apps a Waste of Time?

2016-06-09 10:57

You may be the owner of one or more of the thousands of weight loss apps available on the market and hoping it will help you drop excess pounds. Yet less than one percent of them have been developed by a certified health entity and none of them have published data to support their effectiveness, according to a recent report.

That doesn’t mean none of the available weight loss apps or those that focus on exercise have been studied; indeed, many have been.

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What You Should Know About the Weight Loss Drug Saxenda

2016-06-04 13:24

Of the six prescription weight loss drugs available in the United States, the most recent addition is Saxenda (liraglutide injection), which entered the marketplace in December 2014. Here’s what you should know about Saxenda, including the findings of a new post-hoc analysis.

What is Saxenda?

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Muscles grow better with longer rest periods, contrary to conventional thinking

2016-05-03 19:08

University of Alabama researchers have some new information about how to grow muscle with resistance training that goes against conventional thinking.

The finding, published in the journal ofExperimental Physiology suggests short rest periods between weight training sets actually blunt muscle growth.

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How An Arizona Nun Fights Obesity Among Pima Indian Children

2016-05-03 12:49

The Pima Indians in the United States have the highest prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the world and extremely high obesity rates as well. For more than 30 years, one Arizona nun has been trying to change these serious health issues among Pima Indian children.

The habits and activities learned during childhood often are those people carry into adulthood.

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Why you should choose this one inexpensive tool for weight loss

2016-04-20 13:08

Dieting and weight loss are sometimes difficult. Did you know you can reach your weight loss goals by purchasing one simple item?

Starting an exercise and weight loss program can be simple. All you need to get started is an inexpensive pedometer.

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Bariatric Embolization Studied As Potential Treatment for Morbid Obesity

2016-04-07 11:57

Researchers investigate whether blocking blood vessels in the stomach leads to weight loss.

A multi-site clinical trial has been launched to assess the safety and effectiveness of bariatric arterial embolization, a minimally invasive procedure that can reduce the sensation of hunger, for

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