Scientists prescribe the best diet to fight cholesterol

2011-08-24 16:57

High cholesterol levels, particularly the low density kind (LDL), have been plaguing the Western world for decades, and individuals with elevated LDL have been given many dietary guidelines over the years, mostly outlining an “avoidance” diet focused on lowered levels of saturated fat and animal products. Now a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has changed the usual focus towards the dietary do’s.

Researchers found that eating cholesterol-lowering foods like nuts, soy protein, and certain fiber-rich items results in bigger drops in “bad” LDL cholesterol than simply avoiding high-fat meat, eggs, and dairy foods. “Doctors tend to focus on telling patients what to avoid instead of what to add,” said study co-author Cyril Kendall, a research scientist at the University of Toronto.


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