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New Rosacea Treatment Is a Honey Deal

2015-07-08 13:02
rosacea treatment

Approximately 10 percent of adults experience rosacea, facial redness and chronic inflammation that thus far has no cure. Now the authors of a study from New Zealand suggest a new rosacea treatment shown to be effective involves honey.

Are you among the more than 16 million Americans who has rosacea?

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Picking the right sunscreen is not what you thought

2015-06-17 20:24
How to choose the right sunscreen

A new study from Northwestern Medicine researchers found forty-three percent of consumers surveyed had no idea what to look for when choosing the right sunscreen. Are you using the right skin protection?

Choosing the right sunscreen can save your skin from premature aging and skin cancer, but looking at SPF value isn’t all you need to know.

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Hide Unsightly Cellulite with This New No-Nonsense Solution

2014-11-07 05:30
Cellulite Solution

Do you suffer from cellulite? While getting rid of cellulite can take time and become rather costly, here is one way guaranteed to hide unsightly cellulite with this new no-nonsense solution.

“Nine out of ten of you may have it, and not a single one of you wants it - I’m talking about cellulite,” says Dr.

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Study Shows Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Pill Really Works

2014-10-08 08:00
Anti-wrinkle collagen

In the August 2014 issue of Prevention, readers are alerted to a new anti-wrinkle collagen treatment that research shows actually works as well as - if not better than - most retinoic acid creams. More surprisingly is the fact that this anti-aging agent is not applied directly to the skin; rather, it is taken as a pill. Here is what its researchers have to say about this new anti-wrinkle miracle and what you should look for when buying it.

The problem of many anti-wrinkle collagen pumping products is that not only are they very expensive, but typically only last a few hours to a few days toward plumping up the skin to reduce wrinklin

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Vitamin D May Help Improve Eczema in Children

2014-10-07 19:51

Atopic dermatitis, a type of eczema, affects almost 18 million Americans according to statistics from the National Eczema Association. For many, the condition worsens in the winter when heated homes and low humidity dry the skin.

A new study has found that perhaps a vitamin supplement can help reduce the symptoms of itchy, inflamed skin from eczema.

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Gluten-free skin care products questioned for celiac disease

2014-09-16 19:56
Gluten-Free Skin Care Products

People with celiac disease frequently switch to gluten-free skin care products in an effort to reduce their exposure to the protein. However, researchers and medical professionals have questioned if this is a necessary step. Although there are some instances that it may be required, it is important to follow expert advice before throwing away all the beauty products in your home.

Gluten can be found in many skin care products, but it may not pose a danger to everyone.

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Is There Mercury In Your Skin Lightening Cream?

2014-08-18 16:30
skin lightening cream

Scientists have found a new, faster way to detect mercury in skin lightening creams. Do you use such creams and could they be contaminated?

Some skin lightening creams have a highly undesirable ingredient that can prove hazardous to your health.

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Preventing the Harmful Effects of Sun Damage

2014-08-15 07:34
sunburn damage

Even though summer is winding down, the summer sun still has plenty of opportunities left to wrap us in its warmth and comfort. People everywhere are beefing up their schedules with as many outdoor activities as possible before the cold, cruel winter makes its painful presence in our lives. But with this increased exposure to the sun and its powerful UV rays comes an even greater responsibility to protect yourself from the violent damage these rays are capable of causing; whether it be trivial sun spots and wrinkles, or the more serious skin cancer and melanoma.

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Indoor tanning puts youth at risk for basal cell carcinoma

2014-06-25 22:51
A tanning bed

There is a great deal of emphasis on looking good in our society. This often leads young people to seek out indoor tanning parlors and to ignore warnings that these places can be dangerous. Kids often take the position that the risk of cancer from indoor tanning is just a lot of hype. However, it has been observed that there is an increased risk of skin cancer in kids who are exposed to indoor tanning.

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