How to Stop Baldness and Regrow Hair

2004-11-22 22:51


In October, 1994, I was invited by the University of Munich to go to Germany to investigate studies done there by eight universities, including the universities of Darmstadt, Munich, Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Vienna. Nine physicians, professors at the universities, who were oncologists, dermatologists, gynecologists and general internists, participated in the production of a thymus gland extract called Thymu-Skin, a product they developed primarily for cancer patients who were subjected to chemotherapy. These physicians performed placebo controlled, double-blind studies on the effects of this product on hair loss to cancer patients. When the product was rubbed on the person's scalp before he took a chemotherapeutic agent, there was no hair fall out, no hair loss at all. The German FDA has declared the product to be preventative for hair fall out for chemotherapy patients. However, it was soon discovered by the research physicians, who themselves were bald and tried the product to see what would happen, that it regrew hair. And so it was declared as a treatment for the regrowth of hair for men with alopecia areata, or male pattern baldness, and for females who have female pattern baldness. It works for men 67% of the time, and for females 99 or 100% of the time. It it effective for those people who still have live hair follicles.


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I thought this would help me.I bought it but it is trash IT DUZ NOT WORK
Hi i'm navid and live in iran and 23 yers old. i had worked in industrial factory 6 month this factory i had several stress and i worked with chemical material from that time this symptomes are in my body: firs loos nose hair not all Hair Loss in all scalp,some times in other hair in my all of body and thin hair hair loss in edge of scalp,my hair line normal but thin my hair genius chang evry day oily muscle pain dry eyes eyelash,eyebrow loss Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Loss of concentration Short term memory loss some times Low Body Temperature headaches Restless Leg (spasms of feet, toes as well) fatigue in moorning i'm dizzy Some times red or bloodshot eyes Painless tiny blood-like blisters on skin Sinus infections, excessive mucous production Blurred or distorted vision Tingling or burning sensation in hands or feet what do you think?are any treatment for this position?can you help me?and can analysis my hair?how? please help and guid me.Thank's navid
i had affected by tuberculosis due to poor diet system. at that time i had lost most of my hair. But now i completed the medicines before 3 months. Is there any possibility of regrowth of hair. If yes how much time it will take place.
hi im 21 yrs old female..when i was 15 yrs old i suffered by typhoid fever from that i am lossing my precious my hair became very thin..and scalp is visible in corn and front life became big question mark because of this problem..pls help
hey i am also suffering from same problem of hair fall.. did you get some treatment to regrow hairs let me know please
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