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Female Hair Loss Blamed on Popular Hair Care Product

2015-12-16 05:09
Dr. Oz advice may explain some cases of hair loss

Do you have unexplained hair loss? According to some consumers involved in a class action lawsuit, this popular hair product is to blame for female hair loss.

It’s a popular brand of hair care product with alluring infomercials that promise beautiful, luxurious hair; however, reportedly hundreds of women who have used it say they've suffered hair loss, d

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Female Hair Loss Improves with Certain Nutrients

2015-03-21 07:55
female hair loss

A new study has found that use of certain nutrients can result in a significant improvement in women who suffer with female hair loss. Hair loss affects up to 40 percent of the female population and more than half of women older than 50.

Even though female hair loss may not be a life threatening condition, it can be devastating psychologically and can even take a toll on physical health.

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Reverse Your Hair Loss with These Simple Steps

2014-12-03 02:23
Hair Loss Treatment

Is your hair receding around the temples? Do the parts in your hairline reveal more scalp than they used to? According to The Doctor Oz Show, hair loss can be a symptom of disease that you can reverse with some simple steps that will regrow your hair and boost your health at the same time.

In a recent online episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Truth Tube participant “Shawn” goes to Dr.

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Common Eyedrops Causes Human Hair to Regrow Promising Baldness Cure, Study Shows

2012-10-27 11:04

For people who are faced with unwanted hair loss (alopecia) such as in cases of male pattern baldness, researchers have recently reported their findings that the glaucoma drug “Bimatoprost” can act

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