Yoga: Three Reasons You Should Not Do Headstand

2006-07-19 09:14

Yoga Headstand

Yogasana the third limb of Raja Yoga also popularly understood by mass population as yoga is getting popular as never before in both eastern and western countries. The reason for Yogasana (popularly know as Yoga) to gain popularity are numerous ranging from releasing stress to flexibility to helping patient suffering from various disease. Although the initial objective of Yogasana (Yoga) in Raja Yoga was different however the ability of yoga to help patient with various ailment is really praisworthy.

While many organization like MD Anderson and VYASA in this direction are doing commendable job in scientific way however Various Yoga gurus like Swami Ramdev Ji and others in country like India are making it a mockery in the name of helping people to get rid of their diseases by teaching yoga science to mass people through TV channel. The trend has been stablished for teaching same yoga exercise to mass people in camp of thousands of people with different body condition and without personal observing how each person is following it.

Yoga postures like headstand have various benefits. The Headstand known as the King of all asanas have tremendous benefits for the body and the mind. All our physical and mental activities are governed by the brain which is the seat of intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, discrimination and power. As the Headstand increases the blood flow to the brain it revitalises the entire body and the mind and also regenerates the nervous system.




A colleague once told me that doing headstands for 15min a day and doing the process of pouring water through one nostril and getting it out of the other nostril helped him lower his eye power and eventually he was able to get rid of his spectacles. I didn't believe it. Is it really possible through headstands?
Putting water in nostril is called "Neti" or "jal Neti" . It has tremendous benefits. It helps you in curing allergy, sinus, cold and eye sight as well. Head stand has its own benefits. Google it and you will find a lot more details about it. Give Yoga a try for 1 month (under guidance of a teacher) and you will notice the difference in your body. and then can do it at home by yourself
Yours is really a funny question thats not possible, police use the method of torturing where they pour water into the nostrils and its really dangerous.
Are headstands good for you? If yes, what is the benefit? Thank you.