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What modern day medical practice has its roots in Ancient Egypt

2014-03-10 23:15

The underlying principle of most medieval medicine dates back to the theory of humors. This principal dominated western medicine until the 19th century. We have come a long way since then, however there is some truth in the ancient thoughts and it resides still within the practice of homeopathy.

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Homeopathic Medicine Can Coexist With Conventional Cancer Treatment

2009-04-17 11:54

A new Cochrane review did not find serious side effects relating to the use of homeopathic medicine in patients having orthodox cancer care.

“Furthermore, there was no indication that the homeopathic medicine interfered with conventional cancer care,” said lead author Sosie Kassab, M.D., director of Complementary Cancer Services at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital.

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LSU Conducts Trials for Neuragen Homeopathic Drug

2008-11-08 21:50

The Department of Kinesiology in the College of Education at LSU is conducting three clinical trials for Neuragen, a non-prescriptive homeopathic drug used to relieve nerve pain, produced by Origin BioMed Inc.

The trials test the efficacy of Neuragen for limb pain caused by a condition called peripheral neuropathy, or PN, a degenerative disease causing significant nerve damage in the extremities, resulting in pain and numbness in the hands and feet, often caused by diabetic nerve damage.

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