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Allergy Relief

4 Foods to Eat to Fight Allergies

2014-09-08 16:55
Seasonal Allergy

With the warm months coming to an end, the sounds of summer are quickly being replaced by the unwelcomed sounds of allergy season: sneezing, stuffed noses, and congested coughs.

Seasonal allergies, or allergic rhinitis, are brought about by excessive exposure of seasonal irritants to the respiratory system.

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Inner-city children at higher risk of food allergies

2014-08-18 19:55
city and food allergy

A new study reveals that children who live in the city are at a higher risk of food allergies. The research went beyond the usual information about asthma to consider how allergies to food differ among urban and rural kids. The study mentions that children in urban areas have food allergies at a rate of 1 out of 10.

Scientists followed more than 500 children in cities to collect data on their food allergies over the course of several years.

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Severe sudden allergic reactions can cause death

2014-06-23 19:25
Wasps whose stings can cause fatal allergic reactions

People often manifest justified concerns about how serious an allergic reaction can be. A life threatening allergic reaction is also called anaphylaxis and is a severe reaction to a specific allergen, or what may be called an allergic trigger. Possible allergic triggers are all around us in food, stinging insects, and medication. Exercise can also induce anaphylaxis. Sometimes a severe allergic reaction has no apparent cause and is what is called idiopathic anaphylaxis. An awareness that anaphylaxis can cause death suddenly should alert people to be more careful about potential allergens.

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Food Allergies are No Longer Rare - What You Need to Know

2014-05-12 09:04
Food that causes allergies

Did you know that every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the Emergency Department? The occurrence of allergic disease is skyrocketing, says UCLA Health System, with some estimates stating that as many as one in five Americans have an allergic condition. The National Association of Nurses notes that 19% of these are children of school age.

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Deception In Allergy Care: Recognize the Signs of Fraud

2014-05-01 12:07
Signs of allergy fraud

Allergy testing and immunotherapy schemes continue to pop up in primary care practices across the country, exposing patients and families to substandard diagnosis and treatment as well as raising the potential for fraudulent billing. But there are deceptions too and here is how to recognize the signs of fraud.

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Get Rid of Your Allergy Headache this Spring with This Supplement Advice

2014-03-21 10:35
Allergy Headache

With Spring just around the corner as your world awakens with flowers and grass and budding leaves, so does your seasonal allergies that can often lead to debilitating headaches that don’t respond to typical OTC pain relievers. Rather than reach for yet another aspirin for pain relief, combat the problem by attacking its source—histamine release.

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