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Experts Say Smoking Even One Cigarette a Day Can Make You Die Faster

2016-12-07 14:09

Breaking news reveals that if you smoke even just one cigarette a day, you're still increasing your risk of dying early. Here are some ways to help you quit smoking for good.

Researchers studied 300,000 people and found that even light smokers who smoke only one cigarette ev

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Vaping safer than smoking: 5 things to know

2016-08-20 09:59

Kicking the nicotine habit can be difficult making vaping with e-cigarettes a popular choice for many ex-smokers trying to wean from nicotine addiction. Some studies suggest vaping increases risk of lung infection. Here are 5 things to know about smoking versus e-cigarette vaping and your lung health.

New study shows e-cigarettes safer or lungs

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E-Cigarette Warning to Parents as Child’s Death Attributed to Liquid Nicotine

2014-12-15 01:55

In light of what is believed to be the first reported death of a child by nicotine poisoning, health authorities are stating in related news that E-Cigarettes should be treated like real cigarettes because of the inherent dangers they pose.

Previously, Dr. Oz has warned the public about the inherent dangers of E-cigarettes and flavored liquid nicotine.

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These cigarette warning labels have an impact on quitting

2014-07-23 12:06

Although profits for businesses of their choice obviously override any real health concerns in the minds many powerful lawmakers, it has fortunately been established that cigarette warning labels have an impact on quitting.

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E-cigarette marketers are targeting youth

2014-06-03 18:45

There has been efforts by marketers to make e-cigarettes appear to be the final solution to the cigarette smoking problem. This is deceptive because it appears e-cigarettes are not exactly devoid of the potential to cause health problems. This becomes of even more concern when we consider that e-cigarette marketers have been spending more and more resources on targeting young people who may be particularly vulnerable to any deleterious effects of this product.

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