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FDA Warns Consumers about Buying Decorative Contact Lenses

2015-11-02 07:06
Decorative contact lenses are FDA regulated

Would you believe that it can actually be cheaper to go to your local eye doctor for an eye exam and an order of decorative contact lenses than it is buying a pair of off-the-shelf lenses at a convenience or souvenir shop? Here’s how one person learned this lesson the hard way warns the FDA.

Known as “decorative contact lenses,” fashion contact lenses,” or “colored contact lenses,” these non-corrective vision lenses with designs and unusual color schemes can be a fun way to accessorize

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The Most Important Beauty Secret Women Need to Know Today

2015-07-29 02:27
Female Beauty Secret

Truth in beauty advertising is uglier than many once thought. Find out now why being a critical consumer of beauty products is so important today.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing: Bridging Fashion and Marketing, researchers recently revealed that less than one out of every five beauty ads

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Double Chin Fat Removed by Simple Injection Say Researchers

2015-01-29 02:35
Double Chin Fat Removal

Have you managed to lose weight, only to discover that your double chin remains? Would you like to put a stop to and reverse the buildup of neck fat under your chin as you grow older? Researchers say that they have found a cure that significantly improves how your neck will look under the chin requiring only a few simple injections that they say has resulted in a reduction of fat under the chin of more than 90% of their clinical trial patients.

The submental region―the area under the chin - is an important facial feature that at its best reveals your true age and at worst makes you appear older than you are.

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Penis Drug Shown to Reduce Cellulite in Women

2014-08-21 13:17
celluite reduction and treatment

An exciting new announcement for women who suffer from unsightly cellulite has just been released by the biopharmaceutical company Auxilium, who reports that a penis drug to improve curvature of the penis has also been found to reduce cellulite in women.

The report originates from the results of a Phase 2a clinical trial that involved 150 women between the ages of 18 and 45 who each received up to three treatment sessions of drug or placebo.

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Is There Mercury In Your Skin Lightening Cream?

2014-08-18 16:30
skin lightening cream

Scientists have found a new, faster way to detect mercury in skin lightening creams. Do you use such creams and could they be contaminated?

Some skin lightening creams have a highly undesirable ingredient that can prove hazardous to your health.

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Anti-Aging Dentistry: Instead of Botox Treat Oral Issues

2014-05-06 13:48
Anti-aging dentistry

People have been searching for the Fountain of Youth for centuries, and we’ve settled on plastic surgeries, fillers, Botox and other temporary solutions for our facial looks, instead of treating the actual cause of the signs of aging. Hollow cheeks, sagging jaw lines, wrinkles around the lips and other facial issues that make us look old, are actually an oral health issue - and one that can be fixed.

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Erase Away Your Stretch Marks with These 3 Dr. Oz Stretch Mark Solutions

2014-03-20 10:55
Stretch Marks

"Stretch marks - you hate them, but over half of you have them. So get ready to say ‘goodbye’ to stretch marks, because I have a new solution - a couple actually - to make them disappear," says Dr. Oz as he offers his stretch mark solutions that he promises will improve how your skin looks.

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