Efforts Aimed At Providing Prison Inmates With Condoms To Reduce Spread Of HIV

2007-11-21 13:43

The AP/International Herald Tribuneon Monday examined nationwide efforts to provide prison inmates withcondoms in an attempt to reduce the spread of HIV and other sexuallytransmitted infections. According to the AP/Herald Tribune,efforts by HIV/AIDS and prisoners' rights advocates to distributecondoms in prisons have gone "almost nowhere" because some prisonofficials and politicians argue that they encourage sexual activityamong inmates and can be used to hide drugs.

Vermont and five other cities in the U.S. allow inmates regular access to condoms, the AP/Herald Tribune reports. Vermont's Department of Correctionshas provided condom access in prisons since 1992 even though prisonregulations ban sexual activity. The program provides inmates onecondom at a time if they request it from a health worker. "It's acourageous position that Vermont took then and continues to have now,"the corrections department's health services director, DoloresBurroughs-Biron, said, adding that there have been no reports ofsecurity problems as a result of the program.


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