Erectile Dysfunction and Obesity: Another Sad Story, Same Happy Ending

Aug 3 2005 - 8:16pm

No matter how medically appropriate and cost-effective, this is one treatment that, as a JAMA editorial put it, will never be "accompanied by free pens, free notepads and its own Superbowl commercial." That means it's up to public health advocates and doctors to carry this message of hope without any big-budget hype.

Erectile dysfunction affects more than half of American males between age 40 and 70, and nearly 80 percent of men with the problem are overweight. Research shows that just walking a couple miles a day can significantly help a man's chances of avoiding, or even reversing, erectile dysfunction, and it's a lot cheaper and less risky than certain pills we hear a lot about.

Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. is a board certified Family Physician and a board certified Bariatric Physicians (the medical specialty of weight management). She specializes in lifetime weight management at the Cederquist Medical Wellness Center, her Naples, FL private practice.



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