Do Not Consume Sexual Dysfunction Capsules With Undeclared Drug

2008-02-08 14:05

Hong Kong Department Of Health appealed to members of the public again not to consume various capsules claimed to treat male impotence, following Hospital Authority (HA)'s notification of a second cluster of six more non-diabetic men who were retrospectively found to have residues of the sugar-lowering drug glibenclamide in their clinical specimens (including urine).

This now brings the number of patients affected by such category of products to a total of 10.

A spokesman for DH said that the six men, aged between 53 and 86, had been admitted to hospitals with symptoms of low blood sugar like dizziness, sweating and collapse between December 2007 and January 2008. Five of them have been discharged after treatment while one is still in hospital.

DH's investigation showed two of them had consumed yellow capsules labeled as ??? and red/pink capsules named as "Nangen" brought from a hawker in Yuen Long and a shop in Shenzhen respectively.

Of the first cluster of four cases reported to DH on February 1, one had passed away and the case has been submitted to Coroner's Court for inquiry; one is still in intensive care unit; and the remaining two have been discharged.

Investigations into the sources of all cases are ongoing with Police involvement.

"DH had set up clinical case surveillance with HA and all 12 private hospitals and no new case has been detected since February 1," the spokesman said.


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