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Child Health and Safety

High quality early caregiver-child interactions are essential

2016-10-09 09:32

A new study shows that in children’s residential facilities kind and sensitive care-giving is vital for emotional and mental health just like this is important for kid's with families.

Children initially raised in institutions are in need of tender loving care to develop well just like other children.

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Do Not Use Homeopathic Teething Tablets and Gels for Babies Warns FDA

2016-10-07 02:58

Are you treating your infant’s teething pain with some homeopathic teething tablets or gels sold at your local pharmacy? Here’s why that could be putting your infant’s health at risk of a seizure or other medical complication.

According to a recent warning to consumers from the U.S.

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What Parents Should Avoid after Their Child’s Tonsillectomy

2016-09-20 07:21

Tonsillectomies are no fun for the child or the parent because of the pain that follows surgery for the next several days. Find out now why some health experts believe that parents should avoid what has been the normal course of treatment for many years.

According to a recent CBS News report, the use of codeine in treating a child’s pain after a tonsillectomy poses risks that should cause parents some concern.

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Breast milk may offer babies a good natural remedy for protection from a deadly strep infection

2016-08-28 00:46

Imperial College London reports a type of sugar which is found in some women's breast milk may protect babies from a bacterium called Group B streptococcus which can cause a life threatening infection.

There has been a great deal of interest in the nutritional value of breast milk for babies.

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Kid's should have limited exposure to BPA for natural mental health

2016-08-26 08:31

Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health reports prenatal BPA exposure has been linked to anxiety and depression in boys.

Anxiety and depression in children can be a serious problem which can often be prevented by encouraging a naturally healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and daily exercise.

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Is your child getting more than this amount of sugar a day? Why it matters

2016-08-22 21:27

Getting too much sugar each day could be disastrous for your child's health. The American Heart Association has set some new guidelines to make it simple for parents to know how much sugar is just too much.

According to the scientific statement, your child should consume less than six teaspoons of sugar a day. Limiting sugar means your child is likely to eat healthy foods that are heart healthy.

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Can Vitamin D Help Prevent Overweight Toddlers?

2016-05-10 18:38

Results of a new study suggest that vitamin D supplements may do more than help infants and toddlers develop strong bones. Now experts have found that vitamin D may help prevent overweight toddlers, an important discovery given the increasing rate of obesity.

Previous research has suggested that vitamin D can play a role in helping with weight loss.

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How An Arizona Nun Fights Obesity Among Pima Indian Children

2016-05-03 12:49

The Pima Indians in the United States have the highest prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the world and extremely high obesity rates as well. For more than 30 years, one Arizona nun has been trying to change these serious health issues among Pima Indian children.

The habits and activities learned during childhood often are those people carry into adulthood.

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Mindful eating can help kids too

2016-04-06 12:51

Mindful eating is one important way to lose weight. Eating food for the sake of satisfying our appetite versus eating when we are hungry can lead to weight gain and thwart weight loss attempts. A new pilot study shows mindfulness based eating can also help overweight and obese children.

Based on the small study, it seems children and adolescents exercise more and gain less weight when they become more aware of what they are eating.

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