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Child Health and Safety

Lead concentration in kids’ blood is associated with behavioral and emotional problems

2014-07-10 17:39
A Chinese kid

There has been a great deal of concern over the years about the potential for adverse effects of exposure to lead on the brains of kids. Lead poisoning is a very serious and preventable cause of behavioral and emotional problems in kids. Recent research shows there is an association between blood concentration of lead and these serious problems in children.

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Kids are at higher risk from toxic metals in dirt than previously thought

2014-06-27 06:57
Kid playing in dirt

Kids are vulnerable to exposure to toxic agents all around them. Due to the sensitive nature of their developing bodies and minds many toxic agents pose a potentially very serious threat to the well being of kids. Soil is one place the risk to kids from toxic metals is often underestimated.

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The Most Dangerous Summer Tool - Keep Your Family Safe

2014-05-17 12:43
Summer Lawnmower Safety

What would you say was the most dangerous household tool you own? Would it surprise you to learn that it is the one you probably use nearly every weekend in the spring and summer? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the lawnmower is responsible for sending 68,000 to the emergency department each year. More than 9000 of them are children.

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