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Child Health and Safety

6 remedies for a teething baby

2015-07-27 18:54
teething baby pain remedy

Typically, a child’s first teeth come in around the six month mark. However, there are cases in which a baby’s teeth erupt earlier, and some can come in immediately after birth. The signs and symptoms of your child’s first teeth include lack of appetite, drooling, irritability and sleep issues. In addition, they may have sore or itchy gums and swelling gums that may cause them to try to bite everything. You can sometimes feel the new teeth by running your fingers gently along your baby’s gums. If you feel any unusual hardness along the gum line, then it could indicate an incoming tooth.

If you have a teething baby, you know what it is like to go without sleep. The drooling, crankiness, and incessant crying are enough to bring you to tears as well.

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'Love hormone' oxytocin may help women respond to crying babies

2015-05-08 18:07
Oxytocin may help women respond to crying babies

Oxytocin, which is released during labor and nursing, can help turn on the maternal instinct and motivate women to soothe a crying baby, according to a new study conducted by researchers from Indiana University.

The goal of the study was to describe the roles of the so-called "love hormone" and parity on reward area activation in response to reproductive stimuli.

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Childhood bullying may be worse than abuse for kids' mental health

2015-04-29 13:20
Bullying may be worse for kids' mental health than abuse

A new study has found that bullying may be more detrimental to children's mental health than abuse by an adult.

Researchers analyzed data from the US-based Great Smoky Mountain Study and the UK-based Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children to determine whether the long-term effects of bullying were d

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Girls with mild autism typically diagnosed later than boys

2015-04-28 15:17
Girls with mild autism diagnosed later than boys

Girls who are on the milder end of the autism spectrum tend to be diagnosed later than boys, a new study has found. The difference in age at the time of diagnosis may be attributed to the fact that girls with mild autism exhibit less severe symptoms.

The study found that doctors diagnosed girls with Asperger's syndrome -- an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) characterized by social impairment, communication difficulties, and restrictive, repetitiv

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Reading to young children associated with differences in brain activity

2015-04-26 20:45
Association between reading and brain activity in young children

A new study has found evidence that reading to young children is associated with differences in brain activity that support early reading skills.

Researchers studied 19 healthy preschoolers ages 3 to 5 years old, 37 percent of whom were from low-income households.

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No link found between measles vaccine and autism

2015-04-23 11:55
MMR vaccine not linked to autism

Yet another study has found that there is no link between the vaccination for measles, mumps and rubella and autism, even among children who are at high risk for the disorder.

The study sought to report the occurrence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) among American children who have older siblings with and without ASD.

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Babies learn best by being surprised

2015-04-04 21:51
Surprises help babies learn

Want to help your baby learn? Surprising him with something out of the ordinary will turn him into a scientist, according to new research from Johns Hopkins University.

According to the study, published online in the journal Science, eleven-month-old infants who witnessed something that defied their natural expectations about the world, such as an object

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E-Cigarette Warning to Parents as Child’s Death Attributed to Liquid Nicotine

2014-12-15 01:55
E-cigarette warning

In light of what is believed to be the first reported death of a child by nicotine poisoning, health authorities are stating in related news that E-Cigarettes should be treated like real cigarettes because of the inherent dangers they pose.

Previously, Dr. Oz has warned the public about the inherent dangers of E-cigarettes and flavored liquid nicotine.

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