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Family Health

Diet, Exercise Important Even if Scale Does Not Budge

2014-03-26 08:41
Diet and Exercise

Being overweight does raise your – and your child’s – risk for negative health issues, however, don’t let the scale be the final judge over your total health. Eating well and exercising is extremely important, even if the scale doesn’t move in the right direction.

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Chronically ill poor Americans often must choose food over needed medicine

2014-03-25 12:17
Struggling in poverty

There are Americans who are so poor that they often can not afford needed medications. These Americans are often actually living in fear of not having enough food to eat if they buy certain needed medications. It appears in such cases these people either do not understand the possible welfare programs which could help them, or welfare programs which could benefit them in such a crisis situation are simply not available where they are living.

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Most U.S. households are burdened by health care costs

2014-03-18 21:22
A medical consultation

One of the hottest topics for discussion across the United States these days has been the cost of health care. There have been mixed emotions about the Affordable Care Act with supporters of this program often as outspoken as its critics. Regardless of which side of the political agenda you stand on in dealing with health care issues in the United States, one thing is for certain in that many families simply remain as usual overburdened with health care costs.

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Young kids are spanked far too much in the U.S.

2014-03-17 09:53
A mother abusing her son

Most parents in the United States begin spanking their kids when they are very young. It appears most parents are convinced that spanking is one of the only effective manners to teach their kids to behave properly. However, spanking of kids creates more problems than it solves and should be discouraged.

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Energy insecurity is a real concern for many poor families

2014-02-19 16:36
Poor kids

There are families in the United States who are living in fear of freezing or sweating to death in their own homes. This sounds like a nightmare from some type of horror story, but it happens to be a fact of life for many Americans in a nation where the distribution of opportunities and wealth has never been more pathetic.

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Well child visits may be associated with higher risk for influenza-like illness

2014-02-13 21:29
A sick child

Well child visits may sometimes put a child's health at risk. It is a paradox to think that taking your child to be checked up at a clinic could actually undermine your child's well being, but according to new research this may be the case. In consideration of the fact that waiting areas in clinics are often overcrowded and sometimes filled up with sneezing and coughing kids, this does however become understandable.

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Mothers’ stressful experiences are contagious to their infants

2014-02-04 21:31
Mother and child

A mother's emotional state can have a great impact on the emotional well being of her baby. More and more mothers are aware of the vital importance of eating well while they are pregnant and of staying away from cigarettes, illicit drugs and alcohol around their babies. An even more comprehensive approach to raising a healthy child evolves around maintaining an awareness that the mother's emotional state can have a great impact on the well being of her baby.

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