Breast and Nipple Stimulation Turns Women on More Than You Think

2006-05-02 07:53

Women are more aroused by breast and nipple stimulation than men during lovemaking according to the first ever evidence-based research, published in the May 2006 issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine. There are limited studies in the medical literature examining the importance, during lovemaking, of nipple or breast stimulation in enhancing sexual arousal in females and males.

While older research reported that men employ nipple and breast stimulation to induce sexual arousal as part of foreplay, Kinsey reported that the significance for the female was probably overestimated.

The new research in The Journal of Sexual Medicine entitled, "Nipple/Breast Stimulation and Sexual Arousal in Young Men and Women" by Roy Levin (Sheffield, UK) and Cindy Meston (Austin, TX), reports that in 82% of women studied, nipple/breast stimulation caused or enhanced their sexual arousal, and that when they were sexually aroused nipple/breast stimulation increased their arousal. Only 7% of women reported that such stimulation caused a decrease in their arousal while approximately 25% asked their partner to stop stimulating their nipples/breasts during lovemaking.


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This is extremely useful!!! My girlfriend loves this stuff... I just didn't know why!
Big meaty npples need to be loved
my girlfriend loves it too...... c say c has a feelin of eletricity flowin through hr body............
How about getting the comments and/or opinions of a sex therapist on this? And I don't mean Dr. Ruth. Somebody younger, and who has kept up with the research in their field of practice.