Women Can Now Predict When They Will Have The Best Sex

2006-01-20 08:55

On specific days, women will want and enjoy sex much more than other days and knowing them ahead of time can help women to take advantage of hormonal effects to have more fulfilling sexual experiences. Gabrielle Lichterman, author and founder of "Hormonology", shows women the exact days of their menstrual cycle when sex will be most enjoyable

Many women will go to great lengths to improve their sex life. "But before they head to lingerie shops and adult toy stores, they may want to do something even more important for ensuring better sex - check which day of their menstrual cycle they're on", says Gabrielle Lichterman, author of "28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods, and Potential" (Adams Media, May 2005) and founder of "Hormonology", a science-based method that shows men and women how to predict their day and plan their life according to their hormone cycle.

"Testosterone is the hormone that affects a woman's libido and sexual satisfaction. In women with menstrual cycles, testosterone rises and falls throughout the month, which raises and lowers their sexual desire, ease of achieving orgasm and intensity of orgasm," explains Lichterman. The result? "On specific days, women will want and enjoy sex much more than other days. Knowing ahead of time when these days will be can help women take advantage of these hormonal effects to have more fulfilling sexual experiences."

Lichterman outlines the perfect, and not so perfect, days for bedroom fun in her "Hormonology Guide to Sex", which follows:

The Hormonology Guide to Sex

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Testosterone rises and falls throughout a woman's monthly menstrual cycle, affecting her sexual desire and enjoyment. Here's what sex will be like for women every day of the month:


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I posted this link in a comment on the blog Sex with the Wife, but I think it's such useful (though by no means 'new') information that I might blog a little on it myself.
This could be true for majority. This is not a thumb rule. I found, its true for some women, but others just says the opposite. Some have more libido or sexual arose when 1. During menstrual cycles 2. 14th day after menstrual cycles (count varies. here we are considering its 28)
Very important and help full I wish I can brif more but I'm not good in english any how thanks so much we have learned more
Hello,am 36 years old,i have had sex for over 16 years but i have never enjoyed,it seems my body is dormant,so could u please advise me on what drug to take to arouse my body and nerves.