New Survey Reveals Women's Attitudes About Feminine Health

2006-04-05 08:45

A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the Vagisil Women's Health CenterSM reveals that a large number of today's American women are taking active roles in their own feminine health and hygiene. According to the national survey, nearly two thirds of women aged 18 and older (63 percent) report that they go to a gynecologist, and of those who go to a gynecologist, 61 percent say they "always" go for their annual exams.

However, the survey also reveals the lingering presence of old "hang-ups" when it comes to feminine health, with almost one in four women (23 percent) aged 18 and older who go to gynecologists admitting that they have not been completely honest about their feminine health habits with their gynecologists.

A level of embarrassment in discussing women's anatomy also exists, as the survey revealed that less than half (43 percent) of women indicating that they are completely comfortable discussing their genitals and using the word "vagina." Specific inhibitions include 15 percent of women who indicate that they can say the word around other women, but not when men are around, and 14 percent who indicate they would rather use another phrase to refer to it, such as "down there."

"The fact that many women are going to see their doctors, and doing so along the recommended guidelines, is a strong step in the right direction," says Adelaide Nardone, M.D., FACOG, Clinical Instructor of Ob/Gyn at the Brown University School of Medicine and Medical Advisor to the Vagisil Women's Health CenterSM. "However, there are still many women who need to start taking charge of their gynecological health, put the embarrassment aside and foster frank, open relationships and discussions with their doctors."


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